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Project Description:
Hi, I saw your bid on a flash project for a different employer and I thought you sounded like the person I need for my project!

Anyway - my project, should you wish to take it up:

I run a website called and I need to run some flash ads starting on monday. I have no previous knowledge of flash creation, but I used a service called BannerSnack to create the flash ads I want, which are great, but they are double size that they are allowed to be for the site I wish to advertise on.

Unfortunatly I can only download the SWF files, which cannot be edited (I believe), but I have all the images & can show you exactly what I have created so far.

What I would like you to do is to basically copy my ad, but somehow make it so that it is under 40kb, if that is possible. There are 4 ads in total, all 4 slides long, all with an identical first slide. not very much animation involved either - just one image per slide. I can give you links to all the ads I have created & can send al the original images and logos too. I doubt that it will take you long, as it only took me an hour & I had no idea - but I just can't get the file size down using this online banner service, and I think you will be able to by using adobe flash.

My offer for this project is 20 pounds, but if you use the contact form on you will get a better deal! Also, if you can complete it by tonight or tomorrow evening, then I am happy to negotiate price.

Here are my ads:

Skills required:
Adobe Flash, Banner Design
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