C++ Programming Job by giga133

Project Budget (AUD)

Project Description:
Overview of the problem:
You are to continue the development of software for a simple web shop. To extend the simulation we wish to now introduce the following features: there will now be three types of products: weapons, clothing and survival gear.
In addition objects should be dynamically created and destroyed as customers login and logout. The shop should operate in a continuous loop enabling customers to come and go.
(Inheritance must be made use of in this assignment)

Additional notes:
-Must continue with "web_shop.cpp" file
-Document the code
-Credit to Distinction level (Stage 2 or 3) I need to ask my friend what he wants but be prepared to do Distinction level just in case

Please let me know if you have any questions. I will answer them happily.

Deadline: Sunday 20th, May, 2012

Skills required:
C++ Programming
Project offered by: