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Project Description:
Data is to be downloaded from this page:

In file 1.txt every second just one row should be updated with last price information (only one row in file, but it is updating every second)
In file 2.txt on specified interval (in seconds) every row is downloaded and adding before previous rows (last string - on the top), previous - second row, pre-previous - third row... (several rows in file and it is updating on specified interval, first row - last price information) for example if interval is 60 sec it looks like
19:15:00; ......
19:14:00; ......
19:13:00; ......
19:12:00; ......
19:11:00; ......

A row contains:

Time; SP500 (in the right, bottom of screen); Brent ((bid+ask)/2); DJIA (in the left, top of screen); SP500(in the left, top of screen); NASD COMP; FTSE100 (last); DAX (last); RTS (last); GAZ ((bid+ask)/2)); GMK (bid+ask)/2); Золото(bid+ask)/2; Серебро(bid+ask)/2; Медь ((bid+ask)/2); EUR/USD (bid+ask)/2; USD/RUB (bid+ask)/2;EUR/RUB(bid+ask)/2; NIK225(last)

Skills required:
C# Programming
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