Don't Judge Me.

Project Budget (USD)
$20 / hr

Project Description:
I live in the world where people are judged based on their appearances. People look at me as if I am a painting at a museum which they have come to critique on. Somehow, I have never let this affect me but somedays, the galers are not so easy to ignore. Yes I have a cleft palate... I know how I look. The mirror tells me that, EVERYDAY.
I need not to be reminded every day that how much deformed I am.
But I also sometimes question the people who stare at me as if I have just came out of a UFO. I wanted to ask if they judge their family members in the same way they judge me? And if not, don't they love them the same? As if they were handicapped or... just like me?

Hours of work: 4 Project Duration: 1 - 4 weeks Skills required:
Article Rewriting, Articles, Blog, Copywriting, Ghostwriting
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