Facebook Games Bonuses Collector

Project Budget (USD)

Project Description:
I'm looking for a Facebook application which scans the user's News Feed searching for Bonuses and rewards shared by his (her) friends. Then Post them in webpage so that other users can Use theses bonuses and rewards.

Well, Facebook games are Social games, so that people can play with people they know or other persons! anyway, these social games selling bonuses so that their players can do something easily or get some help. and these games are also providing these bonuses for free and when someone reach a certain level or win something he can share this Bonus with his friends, and they can use it for free instead of paying for it."
So to see all bonuses shared with your friends go here https://www.facebook.com/?sk=app_148494581941991 for example "148494581941991" is Criminal case App ID.
so to see other games bonuses change the ID to match the Game's App ID."
and what I'm looking for is an application which can Scan the user's News feed and grab the Bonuses Link and Post them in my Webpage so that other player can use it.

If you can do that, Please Let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Skills required:
Facebook Marketing, HTML, Javascript, MySQL, PHP
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