Handymanweb prio's 1 and 2a

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Project Description:
Assignment 1

Small fixes just for [login to view URL]:
- Remove the category texts from the ad page
- On all subpages refresh ad lists when making an adjustment in the map
o (functionality already exits on the homepage)

Assignment 2a

Fix the Login on [login to view URL]

1. After logging with FB the logout function does not work
a. Please make sure that the log out works with all logins:
i. Facebook
ii. Google+
iii. Linkedin
iv. Regular login
(I didn’t test if there are any issues concerned with the other logins
2. When logged in with my FB account, I was able to create a new ad, but the ad was not displayed on the site.
a. I don’t know if this issue is at all related to the login, but please check this
3. It is important the a new member will identify the following:
a. His location
b. His role:
i. Handyman
1. If he is a professional
2. If he is an amateur
ii. Someone in need of a handyman
At this moment there is no incentive for the user to give this information. This should however be part of the login. (you can use the regular login as an example. Of course less questions is better: [login to view URL])

4. When I am logged in with FB and I make an ad there is a checkbox asking me if I want to post the ad on FB as well. I suppose this works similarly with Google+ and LinkenIn. This Checkbox should be checked by default

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