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Currently the first loaded screenshot gets the default scrshot on the LWP node. Nice would be to have a list of all fetched wallpaper screenshots (after the first submission, before it is not possible of course) so that you can alter the displayed screenshot when the node got saved..... The there should be a list of (small) thumbnails on the node edit page with a checkbox where you can desice which one to use as your main screenshot. Default value for old nodes is screenshotsarray[0] (as it is now).

The list with thumbnails should be small like 5 scrshots in a row, otherwise it could be too long scrolling if each one is in a [ul] list...... vertically, but this is no must have....

Would it also be possible to hide the fileds on the edit node page that may not be touched anyway? The Ad block tabs for instance and the Download URL link and these things that have default values that should not change..... Many thanks for your awesome work so far!!!!

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