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I'm using a form in my Wordpress site to allow non-registered users to send a new post and register on the same page. I use the "User Registration" extension for Gravity Forms. I just need to replace the "file upload" field on the form for the jQuery File Upload plugin:

So, the user can acces a page, write the post, upload the images through the plugin and register. This is the loop:

1. User access page
2. User fills all required fiels (post title, post body, etc.)
3. User uploads images via the plugin
4. User submits the form: Wordpress creates the post, the new user and link them. The pics are attached to the newly created post and user.

Algo, there's an "Edit" page with the same form, but with no registration (the user is already register). I need the plugin to be able to load saved user images on this page.

Thank you

I need the same integration, but if possible as a Custom field button in Gravity Forms, so I can place the "new" file upload field in any form.

Did you resolve the other project, and will you take on another for the same amount?

Kind regards

Anders Hansen

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PHP, Wordpress
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