Joomla CMS need help with Splash page with Browser resize /SF-Menu Dropdown

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Project Description:
Hi, I got a project using Joomla CMS 2.5 with Template. I've managed to customized most parts, but there are still some areas I need help. Please take a look at

[1] Splash page with full size image and SF-menu at the bottom, That need to resize according to user browser without any cropping. (example:

[2] SF-menu menu "fly up list" when the menu is at the bottom, "drop down list" when on top.

[3] If issue [2] is not possible, implement a responsive menu like Where the menubar become a small menu with pull up/pull down list when viewed on smaller screen like iphone/ipad mini

[4] Background images changes according to designers. Background images need to resize accordingly to browser as well (Example: click on the various designers under Bridal)

[5] Other minor editing services (Example: Changing the Portfolio wording and hiding the sorting tags

Most of the codes came with the template I bought. Hopefully there's not too much rework. Hope you can help me. Thanks

Skills required:
HTML5, jQuery / Prototype, PHP
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