Knob Modification

Project Budget (USD)

Project Description:
The Manufacturer would not print the file because it has too many faces and it needs to be a smooth surface everything, just like the car.
(File size is suspiciously big)

1)-while you do that, please build a hollow cylinder into the center of the knob:
very simple: outer diameter 10mm, inner diameter 1/4inch; (this will represent the brass piece - the cylinder is 9mm high

-from the the bottom of the brass piece to the bottom of the knob it should be 3mm

-from the top of the cylinder to top of knob it should be 2mm (in between is all plastic)

all that totals up to 14mm height of knob:

2) the outer ring of the bottom of the knob should only be 1mm wide, then there should be a little step of about 1/4mm and then the slop goes down until it hits the "brass cylinder"

3)pls send dwg and stl file (and maya file for backup)


I can send pictures to clarify...

Skills required:
3D Modelling
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