Magento Fixes and Addons oct14changes

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Project Description:
1. Show “Image Label” text under image with Enable/Disable option:
If “show_image_label” is set to Enabled (default is disabled):
Then it should display the text under the thumbnail images here:
2. Make the “Configurable Product” text bold in the manage products grid
3. Move to wishlist needs to appear in cart, even if not logged in
6. Add “sign size” attributes or find extension to import/export attributes through csv files
Maybe using:
7. Change “Varies” price to “From (lowest price)” based on the lowest price of the associated products. so it shows the lowest price based on the associated products. then change when attributes selected as it does now. For example below “From $21.25” instead of showing “Varies”. For all configurable products
8. enable/disable autozoom from feature for products
Using the Enable/Disable option attribute “image_zoom” created:
9. W = wishlist C = compare cart = add to cart description on the side to explain to people what they are
10. My Shipping Account – account number, another box to re-enter to confirm the account number (like a password does)
11. Image on popup wishlist, & add to cart (I CAN EXPLAIN MORE LATER)
12. Layout change for products (I CAN EXPLAIN MORE LATER)

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