Mobile App for Lucky, the Left Pawed Puppy Children's Ebook

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Project Description:
Background: I have self-published a children's ebook that is ALREADY finished and available on Kindle, Nook, etc. The ebook on Kindle and Nook has embedded text; we just had the artist remove the text from the images to accomodate mobile apps. The ebook, as published for these devices does not include narration because of the limitations of these devices. We wish to have our narrated version of this story with our images that have had embedded text removed, available for mobile phones. You can view the .exe version of this ebook, WITH embedded text (not the images we will send to you) at . This is a private web address, not for public discemination and will be available for 3 days only.

Our Present Need: We need a NARRATED APP FOR MOBILE PHONES similar to the STORY TIME books your company has produced which I've download from BLACKBERRY'S app store. We would like a Read-To-Me and Read by Myself; function just like the Story Time Books (Beauty and the Beast and Grasshopper, etc.)

We can deliver: 24 pngs (or jpgs) as 763 x 1024 (vertical/portrait orientation) including front cover and back cover. We have an Icon image as well (512 x 512) for the mobile menu. We have mp3 files to match each page. We expect to have exclusive rights to the finished app as an ebook and don't expect to have exclusive rights to the source software. Please inform us if the Blackberry app that you develop could be used on other platforms as well. Project will include appropriate debug support, if there are problems uploading to the Blackberry app store.

Skills required:
Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Mobile Phone
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