Modify Oscommerce site

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I didnt want to retype the details, so I just copied some out of the text.

1.I really like the look and flow of this site.
2.I want all the same pages that they have. Pretty much is they have a page or option, I want that option copy and ad all of the products and attributes.
3.The Product Attributes and cart
4.Everywhere they have design the product or test your file, you can eliminate that option from each product. I will have just one link somewhere where they can reach the Iframed card builder.
5.Each product has a section where you can download the template to that product, I want that feature as well. you can download those templates and I will modify them later.
6.The shopping cart calculates while you are changing product options.
7.After you are done, I still want to have the ability to ad more products as well.
8.I need to have the pricing ability for groups.
9.I have to have the ability to make coupons.
10.Can you integrate the live chat plugin securely.
11.where it has a blog, I thinking of Iframing wordpress or integrating it.

Are you able to use any of the plugins, are are you going to use or make your own.

I will create new artwork to use inplace of their images. We an use theirs as placeholder and I will replace them one by one.
me 4 hours ago

The card designer will not be inegrated into os commerce because it is offered by one of my vendors. It is hosted on their server and I just have use. it has its own billing. I will just use it as a temporary option. So it will only get iframed, no integration with os commerce db ect.

I mean that if a person is approved for special pricing, I would be able to make their pricing 10% or 15% discount for maybe churches, and maybe 20% off for resellers

Skills required:
Hire qkardz
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qkardz United States