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I need help changing one jquery page to dynamically upload files to a directory based on a form field from a previous page. I am not a javascript guy.

The jquery product page is ""

My site uses php.

The process flow would be like this. I have the user make selections on a page "/upload/select_event.php". Based on their selection, the form action would send them to the index page of the jquery-file-upload page (would like to rename it from index.html to upload_images.php).

The specific form field containing the directory information would be "upload_dir". In php it would be:

upload_dir = $_GET["upload_dir"];

But it needs to change the JS var and I don't know how.

I would like to use the "Basic Plus UI" interface (has add, start, delete and cancel buttons).

For every picture that gets uploaded, I need the image resized ON THE CLIENT computer into two files. One with a max size of (800px wide or 450px tall) and a thumbnail 100px tall.

They both need to be stored in the same directory. The thumbnail has to have an _t added to the file name. IE pic0001.jpg and pic0001_t.jpg

If the directory doesn't exist, it needs to be created and could be several layers deep. IE "/pics/events/2013/05/bigone/"

Can you do that for me for 45? Can you do that for me this week?

Thank you for your time.

~ B

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Hire bTal
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bTal United States