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Assignment Brief


Internet security is a very dynamic field and eCommerce has simply brought the whole issue into sharper focus. Anyone working in the eCommerce field today must live on a day-to-day basis with the problems and threats posed by poorly secured systems. In the light of this, most professionals find themselves constantly needing to acquaint themselves with the latest loop-holes that have been discovered and the tools to fix them. Sometimes this is just a debate that rages about potential problems, and sometimes it is more serious. Most larger eCommerce companies will hold a weekly seminar where all the interested parties gather to discuss the current security status of the system and the latest security threats. If a big security incursion occurs, then it is a sure thing that someone will be held responsible. This assignment is your opportunity to experience the ease (or not) of getting hold of useful information about emerging and established technology, and solutions to the security issue, and also to develop the necessary communication skills to improve awareness amongst your professional colleagues.

The Task

You are to construct a portfolio of research into any 2 of security the propositions listed below. The whole document will approximate to 4,000 words. Each proposition that you choose will need to be researched and documented in a concise and accurate way using a style of writing that makes your findings suitable for reading by a wide range of IT personnel, from support technicians to senior analysts and programmers. You should end each topic with a statement that concludes whether the proposition is supported or not and why. Do not simply re-iterate content that was delivered in the lectures in your argument. In your text, you must demonstrate that you have an understanding both of the factual evidence you use (properly referenced) and the proposition you are attempting to support (or not support).

The native Java programming language has suffered a continuing series of vulnerabilities during the past two or more years that threaten to destable our internet technology.
New initiatives such as incorporating Strict Transport Security into http may not solve the problem of end user security.
Digital Certificates have been fundamentally compromised by the expansion of the Certificate Authority business worldwide.
Cloud storage is the way forward for many organisations, but many providers offer a bad model in terms of security and privacy.

You must submit each subject in an appropriately structured way. You must include referenced sources in your text for each topic and a bibliography and source list. You may also include information in appendices if appropriate, but do not include material unless it is needed to support your text directly. Material in an appendix is not included in the word count and does not attract any marks. Beware of inadvertent plagiarism.

You must submit your report on Friday 3rd May 2013 to the iCentre.

Marking Scheme






Shows a limited understanding with source material that has not been explained or justified. An adequate and basic understanding of some aspects of the underlying technology. Satisfactory demonstration of understanding of the underlying technology. Descriptive in parts but some ability to synthesise scholarship and argument. A good demonstration of understanding of the underlying technology that supports adequate analysis and evaluation. A critical evaluation of the underlying technology that shows independence of thought, a high level of intellectual rigour and consistency. 0
1 2 3 4 5 (x3)
No structure and/ or unacceptable standard of use of English. The structure of the arguement lacks clarity and flow, but use of English is acceptable. The structure of the arguements made could be better but the intention of the discussion is clear. The discussion is adequately structured and provides a well balanced argument with conclusion. A highly professional standard of argument and discussion that shows independence of thought, a high level of intellectual rigour and consistency with conclusion and solution. 0
1 3 5 (x1)
Little or no referencing, or the use of inappropriate sources. Referencing is used but may use a non-standard notation. Referencing is appropriate and uses a standard notation. 0
1 2 3 4 5 (x3)
The style and pitch of the report is poor, or inappropriate for the target readership. The style and pitch of the report is adequate for the target readership, but needs further clarity and thoroughness. The style and pitch of the report is broadly adequate for the target readership. A report that meets the style required by the target readership and would be acceptable in a commercial setting. A report that demonstrates a thorough, critical and appropriate style that more than meets the needs of the target readership. 0

Learning Outcomes

1. Critically assess cryptographic methods used in securing the contents of electronic data.
2. Analyse the security issues raised by inadequacies in the system platform.
3. Evaluate a range of tools used to provide network server security.
4. Evaluate the role of organisational security and working practice policies.
5. Appraise a range of techniques and security issues relating to IP, Web and email
6. Appraise the sources of system attack, unauthorised access and software trespass.

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