Ongoing Webmaster / Photoshop Work

Project Budget (USD)
$17 / hr

Project Description:
We need hourly support to update website information on, and some banners, etc... created as we roll out a marketing campaign.

We are using an Excel Spreadsheet in DropBox to manage the status of projects. That will be the primary way to keep us up to date because the owner of GoldenGeezers does not like Freelancer, eLance, vWorker, or any of these type sites. Ergo, when there are new projects or items to be done, we'll record them there, and copy / paste them here for record keeping. It is very important that you guys keep that spreadsheet up to date because Jim (the owner) will be looking at that to see when progress is made.

It is really simple. I have a three minute video that describes exactly how to use it.

You can see it here:

We will be sharing a folder with you via DropBox. If you do not already have a dropbox account, please create one at It is also best if you use the dropbox client to work with files rather than try to upload / download via the web interface because that creates duplicate copies of files.

Hours of work: 20 Project Duration: 1 - 3 months Skills required:
Photoshop, PHP, Wordpress
Project offered by: