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Project Description:
I would like the following modification done to the
paid to click script located at:



1) I would like to be able to change the values of the following
variables from the config.php. Please add these variables to
the config.php file:

* The number of links displayed per page
* The color of the link text
* The color of the highlighted text ad background
* The max characters allowed per link
* The total member records to display per page in the admin area

NOTE: When a member purchases a highlighted link, the
background of the link should be highlighted with a color
that I can set from the config.php file. Just like the links are on

2) On the front page and to the right of the sponsor's
links, can you show the hits remaining? The hits received
are already showing. The hits remaining and the hits
received should be in the following format: (5328 hits
remaining, 4672 hits received) just as they are shown on the
front page of http://www.linkgrand.com

You can find my hits remaining figure in the Admin control
panel under Approved Ads. You will have to go into the
ads.php file in order to display the hits remaining on my
front page.


3) I would like to block people from certain countries from
joining. In the admin control panel, create a link called
"Countries Allowed". On this page, list all the countries
in alphabetical order with a check box to the left of the
country. The countries that I place a checkmark next to
will be the only countries allowed to join.

For example, lets say I had the following countries
checkmarked: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the
United States. If a member's IP address is located in one
of these countries, then the member would be allowed to
join. Now, if a member from China tries to join, the script
should not let him join. Instead, a pop-up box should come
up and say: "Sorry, we are not accepting members from your
country at this time".

On the join form, show only the following fields:

* First Name
* Last Name
* Username
* PayPal Email Address
* Confirm PayPal Email Address
* Password
* Confirm Password
* Payment Option
* Referred By

NOTE: The fields that you take off the sign up form should be commented out so that I can use them in the future if I have to.

NOTE: Members should not be able to edit their PayPal email
address on the profile page in their member's area.

4) Send email to member whenever he get a new referral. Whenever a member gets a new referral, the following email should be sent to him:

$subject="$fname, Congratulations! You just referred a new member";

$message="Dear $fname,


You have just referred a new member to $sitename.

Each time this <br>member clicks on a link , you will earn

of his earnings.


Thanks for promoting our site and keep up the<br> Good Work!






NOTE: To see how this email is set up, you can check the confim.php file of my site CashBackPowerAds.com On this site, the email goes out whenever the referral clicks on the activation link in the activation email. On PaidToClickVisitors.com, I would like
for this email to go out whenever the referral clicks the Submit button on the signup form.


5) When a member logs into his account, the member's
header should be displayed. The member's header file is

When the member clicks on the "Statistics" link, the
member header should be displayed as well.

The Main links: Home, Join Now, Members, Advertise
and Questions should not be showing in the members area.

Also, when a member clicks on the "Log Out" link, his
session should end and he should be taken to the index page.

6) Currently, under the "Paid Links" link, a link that the
member has not clicked on has a black square bullet to the
left of it. Please use this green mark

- A link that the member has clicked on and earn cash has a
black round bullet to the left of it. Please use this black mark
http://www.paidtoclickvisitors.com/images/blackmark.gif instead.

- A link that has no more his remaining hits has a disc to
the left of it. Please use this red mark

7) Currently, when a member clicks on an ad, the timer
counts down to zero and credits his account. To prevent
members from cheating, please make the following changes:

* When a member clicks on a link, the timer will count down
to zero. Once the timer counts down to zero, the following
phrase should appear: "Please enter the security code and
click the Submit button". Just to the right of this phrase
should be a random five digit code. The code should consists
of numbers and letters. Just to the right of the code should
be a field for entering the code and just to the right of
the field should be a Submit button.

NOTE: The script should only credit the member's account if
he enters the security code correctly and clicks the Submit
button. If a member enters the wrong security and clicks the
Submit button, a new security code should be generated and
the following message in red should come up: "Invalid Code,
please try again." Again, the script should NOT credit the
member's account until he has entered the correct security
code and clicked the Submit button.

- I should also be able to change the $ttimer (which is the
number of seconds a member must view a site) from the Admin
control panel under Admin Settings. This variable is
currently set from the points1.php file.

- Also, can you make the surf frame height 60 and the
background color of the surf frame #bbbbbb


NOTE: You can log into my admin panel of my other script
and see how I would like the following items to be set up.
The admin panel is located at:

Username = wespac
Password = c5mbxj841

8) On the new script, Rename "Active Members" to "Member List"

When I click on the Member list and at the very top should
be two search boxes entitled: Find Username and Find Email.
When I enter the member's username or email address, I
should be taken to that members records

The member's list should consist of the following fields:

* First Name
* Last Name
* Email Address (I should be able to click on the member's email address and be taken to his record)
* Username
* Account Status (The account status should be Active or Unconfirmed)

NOTE: I should be able to click on the member's email
address and be taken to his record. The member's
individual record should have the following fields:

# Username
# Signup IP Address
# Signup Date & Time
# Account Status (the drop down box should show Active or unconfirmed)
# First Name
# Last Name
# Password
# Email Address
# Referred By

Just below this there should be the following buttons:
Update, Resend Confirmation Email and Delete Account.

Just below this there should be an email form where I can
email this individual member. Again, please see the
"Member List" link in my cashbackpowerad control panel to
see exactly what I mean. Please include the following tags
for the email form:

{fname} for First Name of the member
{ID} for user id of the member
{password} for the password of the member
{email} for the Email Address of the member

9) When I click on the "Pay Members" link, there should
be only one button entitled: "Generate Pay List".

When I click on the Generate Pay List button, the script
should select those members whose Unpaid Earnings are
greater than or equal to the minimum payout amount.

The names should be in a form field so that I can copy and
paste them into the Paypal mass payment form. The list
should be formatted for PayPal mass payment as shown below:

Column# 1 = Email Address

Column# 2 = Amount

Column# 3 = the letters "USD"

Column# 4 = the word "Commissions"

Column# 5 = this is the remarks column and the following
remarks should be in this column: 2009-12-11 For User:
wespac NOTE: The date will be the date I pay the members.
The entry should be in the Tab delimited format with double
space between each column. So below is an example of how
the entry should look:

EMAIL ADDRESS 150.00 USD Commissions 2009-12-11 For User: wespac

At the bottom of this form should be the total amount being
paid out, a "Cancel" button and a "Pay Commissions" button.

When I click on the Pay Commissions button, a pop up box
should come up with the following phrase: "Are you sure you
want to pay commissions?" It should have a Cancel and an OK
button on it.

When I click the OK button, two things should happen:

1) The amount being paid to a member should be added to his
"Total Amount Paid" balance which will automatically
update his "Unpaid Earnings".

2) The script should save that pay file to a folder
entitled: "Pay Lists". This way if I ever needed to check
who got paid and when, I can refer to this folder and find
the pay list for a given month. Also, the pay list file
should be save as a text file and the name of the file
should have the date I paid the members. For example, the
name would be paylist_2009-12-31, which means members
appearing on this list were paid on 2009-12-31

Note: Members are currently paid $0.005 per click. As this
adds up, members will sometimes have an odd figure for their
Unpaid Earnings figure. For example, a member might have an
Unpaid balance of $0.504

This is the way the script should handle this figure.

When I click on the Generate Pay List button, the amount for
that member should be rounded to the nearest whole cent. In
this example, the payout amount would be $0.50

The script should take the actual amount that I paid to that
member (in this case $0.50) and add it to his "Total Amount
Paid" figure. When this amount is added to his Total Amount
Paid, his "Unpaid Earnings" figure will be automatically
update. In this example, the member's Unpaid Earnings
should be $0.004 after the payout.

The script on PaidToClickVisitors.com is set up just as I
explained above. You can check out the "Pay Members" link
in the admin control panel to see what I'm talking about.


10) Email All Users: I should be able to use the following
tags when emailing all members:

{fname} for First Name of the member
{ID} for user id of the member
{password} for the password of the member
{email} for the Email Address of the member

- Please keep the following links in the Admin Panel:

* Approved Ads

* Pending Ads

11) Whenever I approved an Ad from the admin control panel,
the script should automatically send the advertiser an email
informing him that his ad has been approved and is now
active? NOTE: In regards to the email that is sent once I click on the "Approve Ad" button in the admin control panel, you can refer to the admin.php file on the CashBackPowerAds.com script. You can see how it's coded. This script is set up to send an email to the advertiser whenever I approve his ad.

The email should reads:


Subject: {fname}, Your Ad Has Been Approved

Body: Hi {fname},

Mike Border here. Just a short to let you know that your ad
has been approved and we are now sending traffic to your
site. To view your ad, please click on the link below

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thanks again
for your order.





12) Also, once an advertiser's campaign finishes (meaning
he has no more clicks left on his ad), can you have the
script send him an email informing him that his campaign has
finished and invite him to come back and purchase more
advertising? NOTE: In regards to the email that is sent once an advertiser's remaining hits reaches zero, I guess you can follow the same coding as the email that is sent once his ad is approve.

This email should read:


Subject: {fname}, Your Traffic Campaign is Completed

Body: Hi {fname},

Mike Border here. Just a short to let you know that your ad
has received the total amount of clicks you ordered. If you
would like to purchase more traffic, please click on the
link below.





13) Also, when a member signs up, the script sends him an
email entitled: "Welcome to paidtoclickvisitors.com". Can
you stop this email from being delivered? The email message
can be found in the confirm.php file

14) In the join.php file, the subject should read: $fname . " Please Activate Your Account";
and inside of the email, salutaion should read: Hi $fname,

Skills required:
Anything Goes, MySQL, PHP
About the employer:
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