Read Emails Using PHP and Save Data to MySQL

Project Budget (USD)
$15 / hr

Project Description:
I see you've worked on previous project where the script has read the emails and uploaded the content of the email to a database. I'm in need of a similar project whereas the script to read the emails and see if any of the stock symbols currently in my DB is mention in the email; if so upload the content of the email such as title, subject, body, and time/date to my DB.

If email is spam or content doesn't match any symbol it is to be deleted. I will also have a list of current senders, but if the current sender is not listed for them to be added in another DB table.

Every time an email does contain information about a symbol and has gone through process above it is to display on the symbols dynamically generated page => Alert From Company SO&SO Symbol July 24, 2013.

Hours of work: 6 Project Duration: < 1 week Skills required:
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