SEO (2 keywords rank google)

Project Budget (USD)
$5 / hr

Project Description:

On I saw your page. I also saw you are specialiced in SEO. I have a small webshop in the Netherlands. There are two important keywords where people are searching on and I'm looking to find a way to get a better result in google.

The keywords are "kralen" and "kralen kopen". For kralen I'm ranked on page 5. It is very difficult to get ranked on place 1 but I hope that the website can be on page 1.

On "kralen kopen" the web page is ranked on the first page second place. Because of the adwords advertisments the website is not visible. I would like to get ranked on the first page, first place.

What can you do for me and how much time will it take to realise this? I saw the charge is $5.00 USD/Hour?

Thanks in advance.

With best regards,

Rudy Koek

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Internet Marketing, Link Building, SEO
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