Sales Application Using Cart System Modified

Project Budget (USD)

Project Description:
We are looking for sales portal where our sales guys would be able to log into to place orders while on the road.

We'd like an existing opensource cart modified so we may use existing capabilities for inventory, customers, sales agents, reports, etc.

1) Sales person logs into sales portal

2) Sales person has link for "NEW ORDER"

3) Form will appear where there will be a drop down allowing them to select a specific customer they are preparing the order for.
there should also be a field where they can type part of customers name and it should auto populate a list of close matches for easy selection or select by using drop down list.
Once they select a specific customer it should show custoemrs information at top of screen to ensure proper customer is selected for new order.

4) Sales person will be sent to Product Browser. There should be product browser listing all products by Supplier and then Category.
Then from this product browser sales person may add items to cart that customer would like to order. This browser needs to be in laptop via mouse or android/ipad using fingers.
Also each product should have override for price if discount is given to customer where sales person may enter predefined selling price for that specific order. Also system should take into account any promotions if that product has any promotions such as:
Customer buys 10 of that product and receives one free. I guess maybe we can store promotions under Promotions category to not mix with all products.

Once sales person finishes order they will be presented with final order page and it should show:

Customer Information
City, State, Province
Phone #
Email address

[ALL Ordered Products here listed as:]

Product ID# - Description - Price - Quantity

1) Product will be Product ID #
2) Description will be description of product
3) Price will be discounted price sales person may enter a titme of order per product
4) Sold quantity

Total Invoice: $$.$$

This will be link to finalize order: Submit New Order

Then this new order should be placed into queue somewhere so in admin area we can process new orders.

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