Server setup - Nginx/Varnish

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Project Description:
Details do vary, due to talks made.

I want to set up two servers.
Frontserver - Ubuntu 12.04 with varnish, configured with Vhosts to multiple domains. (Ref.9)
As backend - Ubuntu 12.04 with:
- nginx (Ref.1)
- WP Multisite
- MultiDB (Ref.2)
- Memcached
- W3 Total Cache (Ref.3)
- CW Image Optimizer (Ref.4)
- WP-Varnish (Ref.5)
- Nginx-helper (Ref.6)
- WP-cli (Ref.7)
- FTP-server (Ref.8)
- Advise a SEO-plugin

Ref. 1.
Nginx has to be configured with vhost (Serverblock) to corresponde with varnish-vhosts.
- Must be installed fully with PHP5-FPM and all other php5-requriments for our templates optimized for best preformance.

Ref. 2.
I've got access to a WP-plugin that creates and manages multiple DB's instead of on large one.
I think that it could be safer and faster to have WP-content in multiple DB's, so if there is a corruption it would be on just one, not the whole.
All this would be configured to connect to another predefined mysql-server.
There is a tool on the plugin-site (link) that has to be used to configure with the plugin. Sys-admin skils needed.
- The mysql is set up with nginx, phpmyadmin, you will have root-access.

Ref. 3.
This is a well known cache-plugin that work very good, we have used before and really optimizes load-speed.
We want this to be on the backend of the multisite so that each wordpress site is cached.
This must also be configured with Memcached (Ref.2) and CDN-amazon so our biggest traffic load is offloaded.

Ref. 4.
This plugin needs to be configured to use "Linux littleutils" (this must be installed) so that it smushed every picture uploaded
before TotalCache3w sends them to the amazon bucket (CDN) that I will put on Amazon Cloudfront.

Ref. 5.
This is a plugin written for Wordpress to purge cache in varnish when content is updated or when promted, also supports multisite.

Ref. 6.
I have no clue if this one is needed, but it sure looks helpful on reconfigurating later on and helping with the configuration.

Ref. 7.
I have seen you done some work on this and found it (if you know how to use it) very useful.

Ref. 8.
FTP server with low load, easy configurate and maybe a good php-admin.

Ref. 9.
Frontserver has to have low load and be able to take the amout of RAM needed. We also need a good stats, not Google Analytics only.
Therfor: - or or for configuration of Varnish.

Skills required:
Amazon Web Services, MySQL, Nginx, PHP, Web Security
Project offered by: