Sobipro customizing

Project Budget (GBP)

Project Description:

We have been asked to set up a directory for one of our clients

Work Flow - Search
so as per design 2 elements to this
search and results for users
search page -
results page -
result here so 3 listing types
1. Premium (full details with yellow box) always comes top of search. if more than one they need to appear in alternative places so if there are 3 premium listings for a search result then they will be 1st 1 in 3 searches (and increases accordingly) The premium listing appears in up to 20 locations and 20 business category's
2. Standard (full details white back ground) after premium but before free listings will just appear in alphabetical order. appears in 1 location and industry
3. Free listing (short details) appears last in alphabetical order. appears after all other listing types and in 1 location and industry.
website and social media links need to be live links

Workflow - buy and manage listings
so this if people want to manage (including upgrading) there existing listing or are a new customer
There will be a register page very similar to this page but with a username and password creator -
this page is currently designed as the company details page as well for when user logged in.

So once logged in (weather existing or new customer) this is the first page you will see
if you have a advanced listing the free listing box will be greyed out and/or the update button will not be showing.
the advanced listing will now update and the premium will stay as upgrade (same apply's if you have premium listing both free and advanced would be greyed out)

in this example you only have a free listing
so once you click on update this is page that will collect your advert information - you can see that the advanced and premium listings are grey out because you need to upgrade, but the + buttons allow these to become available so you can add content and upgrade.
details are not duplicated for example the company name is only input in the free listing as the details are carried forward if you upgrade same on Premium you just get the drop boxes for the additional locations and sectors

once you have clicked on next after you have updated or graded your listing you get this page will allows you to see what your advert will look like. You have the chance to edit this (if this could be done on page then great but if not then back to the previous page will work fine) when you are happy you click on checkout/confirm (it will appear as confirm when no upgade has been added in and will go back to upgrade page above) this will take you a sage pay page that is hosted by sage to collect payment.

data input and launch plan
The other part of this project which I need to make sure works is the launch plan this is how I see it going.
- We confirm cost of development of this project
- we confirm final approval with our client
- we provide design files for the project team as per agreed with our client
- we will then need a sample of the database sending as csv file for the launch data to be input into
this data will be for a number of free listings less the telephone number. which is the reason for these company's to log in and update their profile both creating awareness and hopefully for people to upgrade.
- When this data is imported into the system it will automatically send an email to the user prompting them to login an update (will also have the username and password.

Skills required:
CSS, HTML, Joomla, jQuery / Prototype, PHP
Project offered by: