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[28/08/2013 12:32:27] nuked24: my work is 1) all home page artilces show as latest post like today , yesterday , and so onn[28/08/2013 12:32:48] Samuel Jiménez Díaz: 1) yesn[28/08/2013 12:33:04] nuked24: 2) on home page we we will only show 5 news/articles at the front page and a maximum of 10 lines each data not more thenn[28/08/2013 12:33:11] nuked24: means 100 word for eachn[28/08/2013 12:33:33] Samuel Jiménez Díaz: 2) yesn[28/08/2013 12:33:52] nuked24: 3) when user click on school all artilces shown[28/08/2013 12:34:10] Samuel Jiménez Díaz: 3) that's it, yesn[28/08/2013 12:34:15] nuked24: when he click on title of any artilce they read full description of that articlesn[28/08/2013 12:34:33] Samuel Jiménez Díaz: when they click on an article on the list, they read the article.nnPS: Nuke has a sample of list articles

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