Source Code Purchase

Project Budget (USD)

Project Description:

Project Scope Exhibit A

Buyer agrees to fund the account “HONEYPOTANT” in the amount of $550 USD. For the original source code for a game called, DinoRush™ designed for Android platform, complete with all 8 levels. Buyer will supply his finished graphics to the Developer. The Developer will apply graphics to code and provide an APK back to the buyer within 7 days of receiving the completed graphics. The Buyer agrees to release full Payment once APK is tested and shows to be completed as specified, free of any visible bugs, glitches and or any know defects. Developer agrees to release complete game source code the day payment is received in full, within 2 hours of receiving full payment.

Additional updates and or modifications to be made

(1) IAP’S (this will be under made under a seperate purchase $150.00)
(2) Modify current speeds in game play
(3) Add modify change in the games directions.

The game source code has been developed in the following programs:
cocos2d engine and JAVA Language.

Developer to provide original PNG graphics files (Source Files) from game,
The Purpose for this is to use as a reference tool only, this is Developers IP
and is not part of the SALE. Our Designer and the Buyer agree not to use the Original Works of Art. Re-publish, sell, which includes the Original Name of the Game DinoRush™ Including Text fonts etc without express written permission
from it’s Author.

It is noted that these graphics were already forwarded to Buyer and his
designer via e mail on July 10th, 2013. Once all of our graphics are ready they will be sent as a resource file to you for application to game source code. The graphics that we supply are supplied to us under license Agreements and are considered to be copyrighted images protected under applicable Copyright Laws in the USA and abroad, © ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED . They should be treated as confidential and you may keep
a copy on file for your internal use only, not for re-distribution without the express written approval by it’s respected copyright owner.

You are the developer of the Original Game Source Code for the above mentioned name
DinoRush™ and or responsible person or party authorized to sell this game source code,
we in turn are hiring you as a Work for Hire. Our Software Agreement explains the release of copyright to us the “Buyer”.

Deliverability: The final APK and final complete Game Source Code:

1) Copy to Buyers email:
In the event the file is to large to send to e mail address,
a secure file transfer account will be provided e.g. a drop box or

2) Copy to Designer email:
In the event the file is to large to send to e mail address,
a secure file transfer account will be provided e.g. a drop box or

3) A physical hard copy on CD or F Drive of complete Game Source Code
to be sent by signature mail / FEDEX to:

Matthew James & Associates
1148 Pulaski Hwy., Suite # 321
Bear, Delaware 19701 U.S.A,

Skills required:
Android, C++ Programming, CSS, Java, Javascript
Additional Files: Agreement for Game Code Purchase 715.pdf
Project offered by: