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We are looking at possibly buying or partnering with a Software provider, looking for a open source .net ERP software which can be worked on with modules. We have our own techs who will add onto the Software, but also interested in utilising techs on an ongoing basis.nnThe software must be able to be tested, with demo, and discussions during this process before a winner is created – or proof of ownership of a commercial product already.nnnSome of the features needed:nn1. Full accounting: Software is composed of all modules of accounting such as General Ledger, Inventory, Receivable, Payable, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Job Cost, Bank/Credit Card Management, Payroll, Fixed Assets etcnn2. Accrual based and cash based: are supported in Softwarenn3. Complete budgeting: Software provides an option for soft and strict restriction by period or year.nn4. Drop-ship sale/purchase: You can change the shipping/shipper information very easily at the time of invoice, order, and PO..morenn5. Help Desk: Software Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Help Desk provides you with full contact management, opportunity tracking, and full analysis. nn6. E-Mail campaign: You can send emails to the groups of customers/vendors/prospects you select.nn7. Executive Dashboard: shows the company’s activities & performance at a glance.nn8. Multi-currency: Software can handle unlimited currencies.nn9. Customer management/support: Direct call button. eMail button. Contact management system.. morenn10. Sales analysis: Complete analysis with combination of the inventory item code, customer code.. morenn11, Invoice negotiation: Discount at invoice/order time and also at payment time.. morenn12 Vendor management/support: 32 characters-long vendor code..., morenn13. Purchase analysis: Complete analysis with combination of the inventory item code, vendor code.., morenn14. Simple/Quick manufacturing: Bill of materials / reprocessing capabitiesnn15. Complete warehouse management: Bin allocation.. morenn16. Muti-warehouse with transferring capability.nn17 Multi-companies: n18. Multi company journal/expense entrynnWe also need complete user documentation . The software is designed to be very easy to use, so most users pick it up without any technical support involved. nPreferred languagennLanguage : .NET 2008/2010 nDatabase: SQL Server nFinancial Detailsn

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