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Hello I am asking for a survival games plugin.

24 Players will be in a world (the lobby) where they can vote for 4 diffrent maps. The lobby lasts 4 minutes.
Okay so, After the 4 minutes are up, they are teleported into 24 diffrent spots (24 players) and a 60 second timer starts. The world they are teleported in is the one that got the most votes in the lobby. After the timer goes up, they can run amuck the map and find chests filled with items. Chests need to be randomized. Teir 1 and 2 chests. Teir 2 obviously have better items. After you die, You can spectate in survival but in free fly mode. You can sponsor items which sends them into the players inventory while they are in the arena. A full game lasts 30 minutes
After 30 minutes and there are 4 or more players left, it forces them into the center with a 50 block radius they must stay in
If they leave it, they die. They fight the other players until one remains. Spectators cannot interact with anything, just watch.

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Hire thegemsproject
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thegemsproject United States