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Hi, I am Daniel from Singapore. I have many audio lectures that I require to be transcribed into Word format.I can attached some sample of transcription that was done for me previously.nnI need some assistants to help me with my work. This includes transcription of Real Estate lectures which duration is approximately 1-2 hours each. nIf you are ambitious after a few lectures, you can opt for 3 hours or even 12 hours lectures. nnCriteria are that you have to understand the English slang said in the lecture, for it is rather an informal type of lecture.If you can do at least 1 lecture a day, do let me know. I will provide the audio files and a sample of work online for you to download or through email. nnOne recorded audio hour with people speaking and words typed out will be paid USD$15. nnI have many hours of recording work to be done.Do note that sometimes the audio will be silent with no voice speaking in the background as sometimes I didn't switch off my recorder. This will not be counted towards the work done. Thus silence moments are not included as part of work done.nnI understand that sometimes the transcriber might find it hard to understand certain spoken words. Just help me put a timestamp beside the word and I can listen to it myself and fill in the correct word. However this should not be happening often. Needing long term help. nnThank you.You can email me at for more details.nnI am a good paymaster and pays on time. I just need quality work thats all. Thanks.Danielnn

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