Turn 1-page site into a blog, with automated entries.

Project Budget (USD)

Project Description:
Currently, bitcoindifficulty.com is a 1-page site which shows the Bitcoin Difficulty number, along with a relevant chart.

What I would like, is to turn this site into a blog, with 1 blog entry automatically generated each time the bitcoin difficulty number changes (approximately every 2 weeks).

Whenever the difficulty number changes, the site should automatically take a snapshot of the new difficulty number, and the chart, and save that to a blog entry which people can comment on.

Meanwhile, the front page of the site should continue to show the *live* copy of the chart and the large-font difficulty number (and estimate).

Included in the design should be a relevant logo (preferrably wordmark style).

The difficulty numbers for the bitcoin network can be read via various free APIs and pages on the web, and are currently being pulled from:

http://blockchain.info/q/getdifficulty (for the difficulty number)
http://www.bitcoinwatch.com (for the "next difficulty" estimate)

The live chart is at http://bitcoin.sipa.be/speed-small-lin.png

The finished site should include some spaces for banner ads, such as the standard 468x60 pixel type.

Skills required:
Blog Design, Graphic Design, PHP, Web Scraping
Project offered by: