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$16 / hr

Project Description:
Hello, Rohit. I have an additional php coding request for the updateXML.php file that you developed about a month ago.

1) Develop additional php coding within the updateXML.php file to do the following: For each row within the ‘texasusgs’ table, subtract the ‘normal_level’ field from the ‘levelvalue’ field and save the result in the ‘delta_level’ field. If possible, please place this code within the same php file (updateXML.php) that you developed for retrieving lake level values. I run this file hourly with a cron job.
2) The Lake Livingston lake level value (sitecode: 08066190) is not being picked up by the current updateXML.php file like the other lake level values. The xml file (see attached xml files) does contain the proper level value, but the value that shows up in the texasusgs table is 0.00. I am attaching the xml file for evaluation. The only difference I detect between Lake Livingston xml format and other lakes is perhaps that it has 2 possible water level values (one using a transducer measurement and one using a shaft encoder measurement). Either value is acceptable to place in the texasusgs table.

Let me know if I can provide additional information.

Hours of work: 4 Project Duration: 1 - 4 weeks Skills required:
PHP, Software Architecture
Additional Files: USGS XML dump.doc xml compare livingston to meredith.doc
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