Updates & Fixes to Happy Jack Site

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Project Description:
1. Reinstate functionality of Social Media Icon plugin used. We are waiting for the client's response on design possibilities. Simplest fix is best. If the functionality of the plugin can be restored by removing the hover state, this is fine. Simply place the color states. If this takes a lot of time, we will install a new plugin, like this one: http://iireproductions.com/web/website-development/wordpress-plugins/plugins-social-icons/

2. Create landing pages for events and for portfolio (picture gallery) landing pages with the "single page" design offered by the current page admin. http://happyjack.me/coaching-2/ This means each ensuing page will have the yellow bar, the title in black justified to the left of the page in grey, with all subsequent content coming below on a white background. This is in keeping with the design of the rest of the site. Currently, the default is this: http://happyjack.me/ai1ec_event/josh-event/?instance_id=23 which is unacceptable.

3. Try to match the mock-up for the front slider if possible.

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