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Hello. I have a Vbulletin 4.2.0 website. My goal is to make a sysyem for this version of vbulletin to make it more usable. First of all i will ask people to add 1 file in order to have 1 month access to the links. Or they can add up to 3 files to 3 months access. Also they can add more than 10 files to have 1 year access. Since the files must be unique there must be a system in admin panel to see a persons post and check its link, and if they are unique give him a certain period of usage (it will be checked manually by moderators). Also 10 posts is needed for 1 year, 5 post is needed for 3 months and 2 posts for 1 month. When people try to see links there must be a sentence with link which tells "if you want to see the links, please read the instructions". Also in home page of forum i need a place to give such announcements. Guest and people who has not any links shared must not see any links. I do it manually by adding people to a new group i created and it works perfect (paied user) but i need it in better and much more usable format.

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