White Hat Backlink Articles 7th Project

Project Budget (USD)

Project Description:
7th Project - $250 for: 40 Health Niche (DA 20+) Posted Blog Articles.

For this project:

20 articles with 'Dentist San Diego' -> http://drvinograd.com/holistic-dentist/dentist-san-diego/ &
'Alpha Dental' -> http://drvinograd.com/holistic-dentist/alpha-dental/
**important: any San Diego specific blogs (do not have to be health niche) you can find over da20 for these will count 2x

10 articles for 'Gum Disease' -> http://drvinograd.com/holistic-dentist/gum-disease-periodontal-disease-prevention/ &
'Gentle Dental' -> http://drvinograd.com/holistic-dentist/gentle-dental/

10 articles for 'Porcelain Veneers' -> http://drvinograd.com/holistic-dentist/podcast-ep1-porcelain-veneers-the-holistic-dentists-perspective/ &
'Amalgam Fillings' -> http://drvinograd.com/holistic-dentist/amalgam-fillings/

Whenever possible, please include the bio link:

and embed:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6xJ9pk1DkY or
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQQ31IlunKo or

As previously, before posting, please make sure to check that we do not already have an article for the same domain on the site, and make sure to include both links in every article.

As always Ajay, we are here to support your efforts, and look forward to our 7th project together - Ari

Skills required:
Internet Marketing, Link Building, SEO
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