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Project Description:
Project Description:
http://grammyawards.pw/ - Home Page - WORKS!
http://grammyawards.pw/?p=8 - INSTABUILDER - Squeeze Page - NOT WORKING
http://grammyawards.pw/?p=12 - INSTABUILDER - Mini Squeeze Page - NOT WORKING
http://grammyawards.pw/?p=15 - INSTABUILDER - Single Colum Page - WORKS
http://grammyawards.pw/?p=18 - INSTABUILDER - Video Page - NOT WORKING
http://grammyawards.pw/?p=22 - INSTABUILDER - Product Launch Page - WORKS

3 Working with Instabuilder... 3 not

same result in IE and Chrome..

This plugin must be compatable with other plugins so as we run into problems like this we'll need fixed.

Here's a video - I find it is confusing why it works on some and not others.


Here is cpanel + wp admin access.

| UserName: grammyaw
| PassWord: @16uhGWA5Z^K


I am going to give you this site for testing for this product. Note is must work not only on this site but when I take the plugin and install on other sites as well.

Task # 1 - Fix the issues with instabuilder working in some and not others

Task # 2 - Install an update feature on the script. http://screencast.com/t/4vtGOiv3q30
So anytime we update the plugin we upload to the main.. listbuildingfeedback.com and all users see similar to the screenshot above. I do this with all my plugins. If experience here let me know, if not I can help some.

Task # 3 - The plugin has an exitsplash and it's only 50% working.. So we'll make a little change to help with this.

Link where is says "allow to all links"
for OTO Page LINK (which should be named exit splash link) have another check box
and when checked it appears a place to enter a URL, when not checked.. there is no exit splash funtion..

Here is a video to explain this.

Task # 4 - Standalone version will be required.

Here is the old download.. www.mediafire.com/download/6w29ib5bjpp50me/listbuildingfeedback_Standalone_v.1.1.4.zip note that this is useless as its the old coding but might be helpful for you if you want to take parts for the standalone.

The idea of a standalone version is.
- is people do not want to use Wordpress, they can create a database and upload the script.

So two tasks here

4a - standalone is not working as should from the plugin code
(here is video to explain, I don't think standalone needs to be install for this to work)

4b - all the updates you do, add to the standalone version for non wordpress users and have this working.

Here is cpanel access again for list building feedback.

Am thinking there is around 10 hours work involved and happy to pay $150 to get everything complete 100% working, cross browser and standalone.

Plugin tested your end and any small bugs fixed.

Let me know if you are happy with this.

http://listbuildingfeedback.com/list5/list5.htmlSkills required:
Graphic Design, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Website Design

Skills required:
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