business plan language check 40€

Project Budget (EUR)
€10 / hr

Project Description:
files attached three pieces.
1. most important is the word file
"Jukola Structures Business Plan LA V03.docx"
(if you want, I can send that also as an pdf).
2. then the same idea from Indesign as pdf with more pictures
"JukolaStructures_BusinessPlan_from Indesign_08_75dpi.pdf".
3. (then another idea about ornaments in pdf. not that important
(4. if you have interest, you can see these ideas also in

Hours of work: 4 Project Duration: 1 - 4 weeks Skills required:
Additional Files: Jukola Structures Business Plan LA V03.docx JukolaStructures_BusinessPlan_from Indesign_08_75dpi.pdf Jukola7Ornaments_BusinessPlanDraft_02_75dpi.pdf
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