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Hi there
We'd like to know if you can send some samples and a fixed quote. This email is long but we want to be on the same page.

Our story is about a boy aged 5 white, brown hair blue eyes.
I am writing to you regarding a new children's picture book (age 3-6) I am planning to write in the next few months.

The book will be approximately 20 pages long.

I am looking for an illustrator to work with me on the project. The illustrator would provide drawings for inclusion in the book, as well as a front cover design.

I am planning to release the book initially in electronic form - so for use with PCs, iPads and other tablet devices. It might also be released via some self-publishing sites such as Blurb.

The drawings would be in "cartoon" style - that is, the proportions would not be literal/real world. The characters for instance might have large heads and small bodies. Some illustrative examples: •Mem Fox's book - "Where is the Green Sheep" - see
•The Little Roo -!!d7ouWwB2M~$(KGrHqEOKj8Ew(7fMfrdBMRt!NjU7w~~_32.JPG?set_id=89040003C1
As to design/layout - because we are going for an electronic format, we will need to integrate the words and text in some way so that they can be fitted onto a single screen. We have seen some iPad books that try and fit two pages onto the same screen. This doesn't seem to work too well - so the book may be presented as a single "page" at a time.

I am not sure where I will take the concept, but the book may form part of a series. For that reason I would be looking to take ownership of the drawings.

I would be interested if you could provide some details of your experience, and an indicative guide as to your costs for the project.


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Caricature & Cartoons
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