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Project Description:
You are invited for the following project. Please read the project carefully and send me the sample of your work within two days after receiving this invitation. If approved you'll hired by the upcoming company as a freelancer employee.

Three-Dimentional shapes-Projects

Create a store catalogue you work for a company that sells a variety of
three-dimentional objects through its catalogue. Part of your job is to
produce the annual catalogue used to advertise your company's products.
Each items in the catalogue includes:
1) A picture or sketch of the three-dimentional items, including its

2) A description of the items and its features.

3) A sketch of the net of the item.

4) Calculation of footprint area of the item (i.e the area of the base).

5) The price of the item.

6)Calculation of surface area of the item, using two
different metric area units.

Your finish catalogue must include five different items that are right
prisms. At least two of the items must have bases that are composite figure.

Your sample must be in printing form.

Skills required:
3D Animation
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