ebay power seller or Amazon seller.

Project Budget (USD)

Project Description:

I notice your a ebay seller and Amazon seller. I'm looking for both of those actually for 2 separate reasons.

1) I would like to find some one good enough with enough tools to sell at least 100 phones a day. I get the phones free if the customer follows 2 stipulation of the phones.

1) they have to have a working cell phone number to transfer.
2) they have to purchase just one month of unlimited plan for just $59.99 a month. This has to be stated in the listing so the customer knows this. After the purchase of the phone. The customer will need to answer a few question so I can transfer the number and provide a credit card number to pay for the unlimited plan.

It's no contract, no credit check, no overages fee and if the have five people they know get phone service from us. They get their phone service free.

Since the phones are free I'm not looking to make a profit off the sale of the phones. I normally let the seller keep 100% of the profit for just the sale of the free phones only.

So I'm not sure how much you would like to sell them for and I really don't care just as long as you can sell 100 + of them.

There are 4 of us here that will be dividing what you can sell between us. However here is my website. http://www.jvillarreal.lightyearwireless.com.

I will need someone who can pay attention to detail and emails because these phones change a lot. So I will need to email you and let you know how long sales are going to last or when we get new ones.

Also, because I operate everything from my cell phone. You will have to down load pics and product info from my website yourself.

The second thing I am looking for someone to sell . Is our business opportunity to be a cell phone dealer. Start up fee cost $324. And some change.

There is no inventor for them to buy, we have 3 main website we can use that cost $49.99 a month. One is our retailer store online store.

But I'm not sure how you would suggest advertising that. Or what pay you want for that. That can be talk about later.

However I would like to do a test run and hire you to sell at least 100 phones for now. Like I said. I normally let sellers keep 100% of the profit for just the phones. But this time I'll ad a extra $100.00 dollars on top of it. If you can start ASAP. Because we have 2 free phones and sales end on the 28 th of November. Of course we will have different then as well.

Thank you

Skills required:
eBay, Internet Marketing
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