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Hi I need to have a web form built using jQuery or something that actually can dynamically capture user-entered form field contents on the fly and validate it without the user having to press "submit". There will be a submit button at the end of the form but several fields prior to the button need to have contents captured and validated without interaction by the user.

Please build a demo of this in action.

The goal of the code is to have the user enter a phone number in a field by focusing the field (either via onclick or tab) and then when leaving focus (again via onclick or tab) that data is captured and validated (for example making sure the phone # data in the field has 10 digits and emailing that data to a predetermined email) without waiting for the user to reach the end of the form and click submit. A failed validation will result in a warning message popup.

To complete this project, make a mockup copy of this web page:

You do NOT have to replicate the video or the actual real order submission. Just create a demo mockup of that 1 page and layout using the page static elements and the form. The form contents need to be adjusted so that the name/address/email/phone number is at the TOP of the form, and is the data that is to be validated. THEN comes the credit card/billing data under it. The form "submit" button does NOT need to be functional so it doesnt need to actually submit for this demo, only the dynamic name/address/email/phone # validation has to work as described. The validation is as follows, and any failure results in a popup message that says "error". Again, when a field PASSES validation, the contents of THAT FIELD are emailed to a static/predetermined email address with a unique label so that multiple fields of a single form can be identified as belonging "together", or perhaps server can "hold" them and send together (the point is to validate and capture and send the name/address/phone/email regardless of whether or not the user completes by clicking "submit"). Here are the validation rules:
first name and last name: must be >3 characters each
address > 5 characters
phone number: must be 10 digits/characters
email: must contain an @ symbol
BTW - put email and phone number BEFORE zip code

Skills required:
Javascript, PHP
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