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new project.

home page to browse for three different input files

FILE 1 is a .txt file this is a revenue file

-use order id column as a key between the 3 files

-use amount column

-in this file there is multiple rows for one order so for a specific order number come up with a one line item net amount for a order number to use in the result

FILE 2 this is a revenue file

is a csv file and we will use order number and total

FILE 3 is a xml file - this is the cost file

it has a (fulfillment_reference) which is the order number ** don't use order id **and we want to use the total amount ( order total) which is the column that is the cost of the item plus shipping, i can't read xml but there is a amount that nets out the cost. ie  Fulfillment Order #:002-1863835-0147464  order total 44.61

out put is to compare the three files per order number

list all unique order numbers ( fulfillment_reference ) found from the cost file whether there is a match or not
column 1 fulfillment_reference
column 2- list cost (order total)
column 3 - list revenue if found from either file 1 or 2
column 4 list net (profit ) a negative number is colored red a positive number is green
if no match then leave a blank

sum up the totals

display for only orders numbers found - total profit and total revenue and total profit/total revenue numbers

so in summary there is 2 revenue files and one cost file, i want to match the order numbers on the cost to net amounts on the revenue and then if there is a match then revenue minus the cost to come up with amount

some of the files may contain around 2.000 rows

thanks mike

Skills required:
Excel, Visual Basic
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