online shopping system with socket communication in java

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In Part B and C of the Assignment, the student is required to design, implement and evaluate a transaction based Online Shopping System. The Online Shopping System (OSS) of a store allows clients (i.e., customers) to shop for products of their interest, processes the orders, inventory & shipping of the purchased products. The system is a transaction based distributed system made up of Order Management (OM) & Payment Management (PM) modules and a Transaction Manager (TM). It maintains a database of the store inventory. The system needs to ensure that the entire purchase happens as a single transaction. The functioning of the OSS is as follows. Client sends a search query to OSS for a product type. The OM module processes the query and returns a list of products available and their price. If satisfied, the client replies with a selection of an item from the list and quantity required. The OM updates the inventory to reflect the purchase (pending rollback if needed) and sends a Purchase Order (PO) to the PM module. This completes the first phase of the transaction. The PM module creates and sends an invoice to the client with the purchase details for payment. Client makes the payment through a bank transfer from its bank account to that of the store. Upon receipt of the payment update from its bank account, the PM module releases the items for shipment. This completes the second phase of the transaction, ending it. The two phases of the distributed transaction are coordinated by the Transaction Manager (TM). Both OM and PM module has to confirm their commit with the TM

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