perl calendar script

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Write a perl script suitable for use in a Fedora 18 crontab. For parameters, it should take an iCalendar URL (--url =http://xxxx), an email address (--email=), and "--day" and "--hour" switches.

The script would download the ics file from the specified URL, and scan either for all events occurring that day (if --day is specified), or in the upcoming hour (if --hour is specified). If the script is run at 2:55 PM with the --hour switch, it should find events occurring between 3:00:00 and 3:59:59 PM, for example.

If the --day switch is specified, all events should be summarized in one email, with one event per line. The start time and event summary should be reported in the line. (The idea is that this summary would be read on in a desktop email client.)

If the --hour switch is specified, each event should receive its own email, with a single line in each. (The idea is that these emails would be sent to an SMS gateway, for reading on a cell phone.)

The script then sends the email(s) to the address given in the --email parameter.

(The ics files would be generated by the user with Thunderbird/Lightning.)

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