project is for 50min VOICE talkover skype or similar. No coding. This is interview for a potential separate future project

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project is for 50min VOICE talk over skype or similar. No coding at al. Just interviewing you and talking *voice* (no text chat will be allowed. Only voice.I am used to strong accents so I can understand most people).

This is interview for a potential separate future project where an existing .net app that uses a sqlite db needs a simple upgrade. App sorts data based on an input excel file.As it is now then app doesnt sort data into 4 groups (these 4 groups are defined in excel sheet in 1 column (each group have same text so it is easy to see what data belong to a given group).

The 2nd thing that needs to be done is that output format must be changed from the current output formattill that app insteadfor a gvien type of data then make1line of output data with 12 fields.Each of the 4groups has reserved up to 3 potential data fields but a given group may have 0, 1, 2 or 3 data to populate with. But each line always consist of 12 fields whether all oronly someof the fields end up being populated.
This is a rough overview what I want to talk about. I only want to talk voice since text chat is 20 times slower than voice.
My Budget for above changes would be $200. However, if changes are done within 36 hours - and arefully working -then can give $100 bonus.
My skype id is: mikovich2

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