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Location: Jodhpur, India

Member since: July 2012



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  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller Tarros88


    Apr 23, 2013

    This team is the best here on freelancer. They have great service and try to do the best all time. Always online on skype with good support. Im gonna use them again for sure.

    Project Description:I want a site that look something like this . The site will be a site for local teams in diffrent sport in my city. They should have there own "blog" on the site. So every team can have there own posts...
  • €750 EUR
    Profile image for Seller iobambino


    Feb 23, 2013

    The Auduct team was very professional and correct. From the start we had good communication with one person who was assigned to our project. We just had to tell one person what we wanted and he made it happen. Even when we wanted some design things changed after the coding started, they had no problem with this and did it accordingly. Would hire the again!!!

    Project Description:We already have a website at, but we would like it to be much more attractive. Because of that we would like a whole new website. It hase to be attractive to future and current parents, and support visa/mastercard and other online payments...
  • €17.5 EUR
    Profile image for Seller liviuchirca

    liviuchirca [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 22, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:Hi, I need someone to improve my current drupal website theme. I only need improvements for example Poll System design, front banner, in general, minor things.
  • $410 USD
    Profile image for Seller lyudasha


    Dec 7, 2012

    it was challanging project because of Russian language but developers were very patient and worked it out. The staff was very professional and satisfied all my request and changes. I will definetly recommend and come back. Thank you!Luda, Realtor in Florida

    Project Description:Need to build a website for Realtor in Florida in Russian language. Website must have search properties ability.
  • $131 USD
    Profile image for Seller darpan4u


    Nov 18, 2012

    good job ... would like to hire again

    Project Description:I need a flash video. It’s very urgent. It’s about of 1 minute length. I need it for promotion of our client’s MLM Company. We need you to write the script. We’ll explain the concept. We not need very attractive graphics, just video with typed text and animation...
    auduct has not completed any projects.
  • $1500 USD In Progress

    Im looking for a website similar to with the same features and cheap dedicated serever im paying 1500 $ for a website

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    i don"t know about the price, and i am not sure exactly what i need, but . . .i wish to set up a website where people can post their stories, novels and other written work, for sale.they"d set their own prices.they"d have to be able to enter their payment info, such as through paypal or to receive checks to their addresses.something similar to Amazon"s site for e-books, i guess.each collection would include a free sample story that would be chosen by the writer.i"d like to have something that automatically converts all written submissions to kindle, nook and other common e-book formats, all available for download to the that the purchaser would be able to download it a portable device, a smart phone or an e-reader.also, the site would have to allow me and to post video too.please, feel free to make suggestions of anything else that you think i should do.i"d want the site blocked in for one country so that people there couldn"t access the site.i"d want the site to look nice, of course, but it needn"t be fancy.i"ve heard of servers "crashing" from too many hits on a site. please, tell me how you"d make sure that i"d avoid that, if i got lucky and had a lot of people visit the site.thanks!

  • $250 USD In Progress

    ****PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY**** The last person I hired, left with no payment, after working on it a week, because he did not do like I asked, did not know ENGLISH well, and bid that he could finish in 3 days, then did not deliver. I will NOT pay if you do not do work like I asked! I need a website designed for my artist page. I would like in flash, but If you can make good without flash, I will do that. Here is what I need.1. A section for all my songs. There is about 5 songs. I will need to update them once a month.2. A section for my photos3 A section with tabs that are linked to my facebook artist page, Soundcloud, etc.4. I need this to look professional. If you can not do like I ask, please do not bid.

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    Hello.I need someone to help me create a website design with a function of choosing how to want clothes to look.For example like this: to be able to choose different colours and different clothes like sweaters and t-shirt for example.Need to be able to upload a picture on the clothes and need to be able to put texts in different text types.If you can do this, bid on this and contact me with what you have done and I will check it out.Write Johanna so that I can see that you have read all this and write Lordgren so I can see that you have checked that website up there so you know what I am after.Thanks in advance.Johanna.

  • $795 USD In Progress

    We need a investment site with share basis.Actually we need 2 project.We need professional Design and Application

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Hello Freelancers.I am an astrologer and want a website for my business. I own a shop and need someone to provide me complete package for Design + code + domain + hosting.Need someone good in affordable price

  • $150 USD Jan 22, 2014

    I want to create an online casino review site. I bought this wordpress theme: want the same as the theme, but if you create a brand new website which is not using Wordpress that is also ok

  • $722 USD Jan 21, 2014

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $166 USD Jan 7, 2014

    I am looking to get a website design for my business. The design should incorporate my company"s name and logo, as well as some images related to my products and services. It needs to be professional and modified to suit my typical customer base. The design should also be user-friendly and intuitive. Keep in mind website best practices such as SEO (footer links and headlines), main navigation, and responsive design for mobile.Message me if you have any questions!

  • $277 USD Jan 6, 2014

    Hello I need someone to create me a website/theme exactly like go ahead and check it out and see how it looks and what i want by the way i do not own i just like there theme, only difference is I want my own logo and I want the color to be blue my website now is ,also please no milestone I will pay full amount when theme/website is done created then i will pay then we transfer to me.

  • $455 USD Jun 12, 2013

    Hello,We need a simple static website to be designed. Please be advised that this is a simple project but we need a classy looking website.

  • €250 EUR Jun 6, 2013

    Hello there,We are Chris Baxx & VAG, duo brothers dj"s, producers from Belgium, We need our official Website.We want a design like this : www.wandwmusic.comWith a full integration of Facebook on our homepage like here : wait for yours comments.

  • £333 GBP May 27, 2013

    I want to create a website that creates a directory of trades and services to local sports/social clubs. Listings would require an annual payment (via paypal or visa card) We would also like the ability for members to offer short term special deals/ discounts etc on services.The idea would be for each club to have their own directory of tradespeople, offering services to club members. Advertisers would need to be able to upload information and logos/images of their business and also be able to edit this information. This will need to be replicated across a number of clubs.I would also like functionality such as automatic reminders and subscription renewal for advertisers.A site has already been designed but does not work efficiently and needs to be completely reworked. See links to get a better idea of what we require

  • $1030 AUD May 19, 2013

    Hi Freelancers,We are designing a competition that we need you to build. It will need the following:Registration page with the following fields- First Name- Last Name- Email Address- Postcode- Contact Number This competition will have viral aspects built in where you are able to upload a favourite photo and invite friends to vote on your photo. Person with the most votes wins.Users must be able to post a link to their photo within the competition to their facebook (each member needs a unique url) , twitter or email accounts. They should be able to share this across social media platforms to generate votes, their friends who vote will need to register to do so. We need to be able to track the viral aspects (such as fb/twitter entries) of this competition and the registrations from this competition need to end up in a database that we can export into an excel spreadsheet. This platform should be flexible i.e we should be able to re skin and reuse and also change the prizes on offer and additional content. Only freelancers with high ratings will be considered. Please send in any examples of jobs you have completed to us for review.Look forward to your applications, only highly rated freelancers will be considered.

  • $1030 USD May 19, 2013

    >>> If you seen that intro video on freelancer home page, well thats me.... I know what I want to do, but dont know how to do it or where to really start on it.> My website first impression is very importing & I need someone who is skilled in what they do to get the job done, and get it right. Like I said before I never built a website and do not know the tech talk/ formats for a lot on website, the freelancer I hire needs to have the patience to work with a newbie and help guide this project to success to the best of his or her capability. At the same time I do have an Agenda and great expectations for the freelancer To perform the job at their very best Ability If I feel like the freelancer is slacking, not doing what I told them or trying to cheat me you will be kicked off this project. With that being said, I want only the best & one who can get the job done to bid on this project >>> MY PROJECT:> I"m looking to create the next big thing for iphone recycling website, Im looking for someone to build me a rich in color, clean cut attractive website.> This website will be dealing with buying Flag ship phones mainly iphones 4-5 on selected USA carriers. I Need My website to be made where I can adjust, change and update current market phones, prices & etc... I need To be in as much control over my site as possible once you are done building the website. User friendly design IS VERY IMPORTANT, I dont need any of my customer getting lost in the process of them selling their phone to me.

  • $2061 USD May 19, 2013

    I need an Ecommerce website created and designed. It will need the ability for multiple drop-ship venders to be featured on the site. The consumer (ONE THIS SITE IT WILL BE BUSINESSES) will come to the site to order products. It will appear they are purchasing all items from my site however they will be drop-shipped from 8-10 different companies. They will get a total and pay me on the site. These funds will need to automatically go to the companies who are filling the orders. Will need ability to have invoice numbers for each number. Consumer can search and print old invoices and orders as well as current ones. They can set up automated shipments and payments in the future if they like. There will be minimum order requirements for products, shipping costs etc. There will be a sales associate number assigned to each order. These sales associates will receive a flat rate commission each month for their total. This must be tracked and the associate must be able to login and see their sales etc. There will be an initial login scenario where all the consumers mailing info etc will be stored for future purchases. Anyone who doesn"t have a customer number can just come and buy products and will default to my sales associate number (me). All product photos need to be large and clear. The site needs to be super easy to use both for the admin and the end user. All sales associates will have a page and their info stored. Consumers will print out tax invoices for their accounting purposes etc.These are some of the basic functions required for a distribution, B2B level kind of website. It would be great if there you already have an existing website or script that serves this exact purpose for me to have a demo. As an existing site or script that does B2B/distribution level kind of website, would have all other necessary features that I would expect. The features listed above are just to exemplify what i mean by B2B/Distribution website.I have had problems in the past with freelancers who just do what I ask word for word. I do not build websites for a living and need an EXPERT who will see what I am trying to do and add the functionalities that I need but do not ask for and don"t realize I need. I need someone who can see what I am trying to do and create it even better than what I am thinking. I may choose to have another designer I work with create the design of the site and would want this option and for this design to be integrated. This would be determined by price negotiation. I can"t do a freelancer who doesn"t think outside the box and fill in the gaps I may have....the scope is the end product. I will detail the purpose of the site once selected and you make sure as both the admin and end user it has everything needed. It cannot be delayed. I have had most projects never meet deadline. I have 60 days for the project. This is not negotiable. There is a critical event happening that this must be ready for and it cannot be delayed under any circumstances. I will only look at experienced freelancers with many positive reviews that are experts in ECommerce and deliver on time. THANKS! I look forward to your bid!!!Here is a sample of a site that would be similar that does NOT contain the Ecommerce piecehttp://www.greenschools.netI also like the 3 dimensional "style" of this site...the texture etchttp://wholepregnancy.orgHope that helps!

  • $1030 USD May 19, 2013

    Design a Wordpress project on a hot niche that will generate adsense revenues of 25$ to 35$ daily. The project is fixed to the final price of USD 1100$, with upfront payment, completion of website payment, and every check i receive from adsense revenues afterwardsI ill pay you on progress:- 50$ upfront payment- 100$ after completion of website- 200$ when I received 400$ from Adsense- 200$ when I will get 500$ per month (17$ per day)- 300$ when I will get 750$ per month (25$ per day)- 350$ when we will reach our goal and when i will start earning and receiving 1000$ per month from Adsense.NOTE: I WILL PAY AFTER RECEIVING ABOVE SAID AMOUNTS FROM ADSENSE, MEANWHILE MY ACCOUNT BLOCKED BY GOOGLE THEN I WILL STOP PAYING AND PROJECT WILL BE TERMINATED.Terms:- Good niche selection and confirming it (along with full keyword research) with me after selection and before working on it.- Write the SEO optimized content, fully configure and update the website as needed to continue generating money long term.- You should use Only WHITE HAT SEO Techniques.- You MUST follow Google AdSense rules and regulations to avoid the blocking of adsense account.- Website/AdSense must have 100% Organic traffic clicks, no authorize or illegal clicks.- do not use bots, automated or traffic exchanges, traffic buying/trading sites or paid services,- do NOT use Black Hat techniques.- Avoid using Social Media to drive traffic to website. Only Use social for Backlinking- Do not use any illegal methods to drive traffic generate clicks on the website.- No Pharma, violence, gambling, adult related content as dictated by AdSense rules- The site must generate income for the long term with AT LEAST 25$ per day for the foreseeable future.- Unique organic traffic through search engines (no bots or traffic buy sites)- Must be AdSense optimized.ANY BLACK-HAT TECHNIQUES WILL BE TRACED AND THE BIDDER WILL NOT BE PAYED AND WILL FACE A DISPUTE.And if it worked out, there are more websites coming for you.I ill repeat hire the same person for 5 more websites and other projects.Looking for long term business relationAnd could also hire him/her for further seo for the sites.What I can provide from my side- hosting- domain nameThe bidder should consider the following points:- Tell me about your working process and how will you get it done and in how much time.- Show me some of your previous website/blogsTraffic and ad clicks must be 100% within AdSense TERMS OF SERVICE. TRAFFIC AND CLICKS MUST BE WHITE-HAT ONLY! ONLY PROFESSIONALS APPLY.

  • $1030 USD May 16, 2013

    Project Description: I would like someone to build me a website with similar feature to this website ( It needs a webcam program called justcamit ( built in so i can use my CCBill account as the payment gateway. The support page for the integration of justcamit can be found here:, I need visitors to my website to be able to sign up as a member, and then to add money to their account via my CCBill account (a CCBill gateway API can be found on the above website), and then to be able to log in to the justcamit software that is located on my website. And also to be able to pay for private pictures and videos. I would like money uploaded to be converted into credits at £1 per credit so they can be spent on webcam, pictures and videos.Please let me know if you can do this I look forward to hearing from you! Let me know a price if you can!Thanks.

  • $1500 USD Mar 15, 2013

    Something Seemlier to Free listings but with MOTORS only anything related to cars Boats Airplans Jetskis all Motorized cars busses and boats SEA/Land/AIR

  • $1350 AUD Mar 12, 2013

    I am looking to replicate an online booking system that allows me to print a daily run sheet. This is for a skip bin hire business and you can use as an example of the tools I require.The run sheet will need to be colour coded for the various drivers I have.Jobs will be manually entered (customer details, bin size, booking date, pick up date, price) however this data needs to be filed under customer name for future customer management.

  • [Sealed] Mar 9, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1000 CAD Mar 8, 2013

    I am looking to create an interactive, social network type of fitness site where members can create profiles and find people with common interests/ goals to either meet up and work out with in person, online, or just exchange info and motivation. I want the profiles to have options for the member"s goals and what types of fitness they are interested in participating in or learning about, as well as what type of partner they"re looking to interact with as far as knowledge and level of fitness, activities etc. Location would obviously be optional but definitely an available option. I"d also like the profiles to have the option of setting private goals with dates that members will be sent reminders & motivation to keep going. I want it to be fun and encouraging, not too straight edge serious if that makes sense. I do want the option for the members to be able to send private messages as well as a news feed where everybody can talk, similar to twitter in that aspect because everybody knows how to use twitter so it would be somewhat familiar. The idea came from my own procrastination on working out regularly, I was dragging my butt to the gym and thought it would be so much easier if I just had someone to go with but none of my friends would go! So I hope this site will encourage people to get fit while having fun and meeting new friends to help as well as encourage them and share tips, recipes or whatever they like. I want it to have clean, modern graphics & layout, and be very user friendly. I look forward to the feedback : )

  • $750 USD Mar 7, 2013

    eCommerce Website Needed for Clothing Store. 2 Week time limit. Needing EVERYTHING: Domain, Web space, Shopping Cart, Credit Card Processor, Traffic Generator, promotional email, etc. Website will feature Halloween costumes and formal dresses only. Would like website format similar to Slideshow of products on homepage. Categories (Costumes, Formal Dresses) listed at top.

  • $550 USD Mar 5, 2013

    We need a pretty basic website built. There will be a home page for landing and then 5 or so sub-pages. Some of the sub pages will require fields for basic data entry. Upon entry, the data will need to be stored and emailed to us.

  • $750 USD Mar 5, 2013

    Hi Freelancers,This is my second time to post this project, as the previous freelancer gave up at the start.So I am going to try again and hope that I can find a suitable freelancer with excellent skills.There will be approx 50 pages on this site.Images will be providedwritten content will be provided.What is required of the freelancer:Must design a clean websiteMust design an informative method of presenting the product information to customersMust design an ingenious method of displaying our special offersMust develop the front and back end applications that are required to ensure site users can interact easily with website. And provide an easy to use CMS so I can continually change and update products on the site.What the site will have to do:> Display products: Users must be able to view products and then be able to click on a "quote me" button. This will add their chosen item to a shopping cart. When the user is finished adding items to their shopping cart they will then be able to, add their details and click send. The content of their shopping cart, and their contact details will be forwarded to my email. (if you do not understand this concept, ask me to explain it further by pm)> Display services> Allow users to fill in a "contact me" form. Here the user will fill in their details, and a copy of these details will be forwarded to my email.IMPORTANT:The winning freelancer will be required:To firstly create an original design for the website front page. Unlimited revisions will be required, until I am happy with the design of front page. As we will be carrying the theme of design from the front page throughout the site, only a number of other pages approx 6-8 will be required to be designed. Pages such as the product pages, services pages etc. Once we have the website designed 1st milestone payment will be released. It is important that unlimited revisions are allowed during the design phase. Milestones will only be released after the requested work has been completed. No milestones will be released before completion, so do not under any circumstances ask for this.Any questions please feel free to contact me:Experienced Freelancers will only be considered.IMPORTANTPlease post your current website, and links to your previous completed websites - (please include the cost of your portfolio websites),

  • $750 USD Mar 3, 2013

    I have a website,, and it needs a major facelift. The site works fine but it is not appealing to my customers, or anyone. I would like to get a nice design and some cool features added to my website. The "Buy" page needs to be changed so the products are in a grid form, not in a list form. Developer must have Yii experience and we are going to need the design to be implemented into the website as well. Thank you.

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Project Manager

Apr 2012 - Present (2 years)

Auduct Web Tech

Working as a project Manager at Auduct Web tech. Work Responsibilities include understanding client requirements. Breaking the project into modules. Allotting modules to respective professionals of our team. Analyzing and Testing their work and provide status to our clients.


B. Tech



web development


Expertise in website latest technique. to fulfill clients need and the cost is as reasonable as nor able to give... :-)




Expertise in website latest technique. to fulfill clients need and the cost is as reasonable as nor able to give... :-)