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  • [Sealed]
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    May 20, 2014

    Excellent team...very professional and fast response.

    Project Description:As discussed build a shopify store for Elizabeth Richards. To be completed in 10 days. psds of shopify templates supplied by us. These will be uploaded shortly. Store needs to have working shopping...
  • $300.00 CAD
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    May 12, 2014

    Couldn't have been more professional throughout a tough project! Will definitely be working with them again in the near future.

    Project Description:As discussed.
  • $100.00 CAD
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    Mar 27, 2014

    Great job! Nailed the design needed on the first attempt, couldn't have asked for anything better!

    Project Description:As described.
  • $100.00 USD
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    Mar 24, 2014

    There was a communication break down about payment upfront.....the job was well done.

    Project Description:Looking for someone to ad this to my shopify cart
  • $265.70 USD
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    Feb 11, 2014

    Very patient. great communication skills.Thank you!

    Project Description:I am looking for a Shopify expert. We need this Shopify expert to finish building our website/online store. It is currently 20% complete. It needs to be done very well. It must be good-looking and easy to navigate...
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dustinch


    Feb 7, 2014

    Did a great job! I would highly recommend them and will use them again in the future!<br/>

    Project Description:Completion of Shopify Website Design
  • $400.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller Donfong


    Jan 21, 2014

    This was my first time hiring someone through Freelancer and it went very well. What especially made my experience superior was the communication between AmazonSoftwares, and I.

    Project Description:The project will require you to make a Shopify theme. The details of this project will be discussed in private message.
  • $200.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller dustinch


    Dec 2, 2013

    Amazon Softwares are Shopify experts and they have done the initial phase of the project perfectly. I plan to use them for future projects.<br/>

    Project Description:Transfering my current website&#039;s design over to a Shopify template, which will require some redesigning as well as adding some features and applications with Shopify.
  • $56.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller Suburbanrose1


    Oct 22, 2013

    John was an excellent freelancer. Happy to assist with changes- Highly recommend.

    Project Description:Hi, I&#039;m looking for someone to design me 3 sliders, banner message and 3 ad boxes for my shopify website. My website sells 1950&#039;s inspired dresses and accessories. I have a logo but would like help with creating an amazing site that appeals to woman aged 18-60...
  • $451.50 AUD
    Profile image for Seller AdamJ1


    Oct 16, 2013

    John at Amazon Softwares did a great job on a slightly complicated project and I will definitely use his services again.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
    Amazon Softwares has not completed any projects.
  • $11 USD/hr In Progress

    Update Shopify Blog page to look and read better, but to still stay within the design parameters of the current shopify site.Set up and run 2 split tests on shopify site.

  • $500 USD In Progress

    Our website was built using wordpress and we would like to update it.Since we are a real estate company, we will want the ability to change things on the site when need (add properties for sale, update verbiage) so the site will need to be built so we can make changes after the re-design.Needs:1. Fresh new look2. Instead of listing the properties we have for sale on a map, we want to have it be a list with photos, details, etc...Here is an example of what we would like our site to look like: can provide a ton of self storage property images and the verbiage for the site can be pulled off of the old site.I know and understand wordpress well and basically just need a new up to date template that will give us a cleaner look.

  • $450 AUD In Progress

    Build a 2nd shopify store for Templates to be installed.Payment Gateway and Shopping Cart as per first store. Products the same as first store.

  • $800 USD In Progress

    I have an eCommerce site on shopify, which I would like copied over to the lightspeed web store platform. I currently have a template running, which you can use to build off of. The shopify web site is located at and the lightspeed website is located at I am looking to start right away. Thank You

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Integration iPay88 Payment Gateway with Active merchant (Shopify). Integrating into Active Merchant ( [github]. Assuming the integration passes the necessary pull request code review and remote tests and an launch it within Shopify to all merchants. Here&quot;s a few Active Merchant Resources to get you started:- General documentation: Contributing details: Live Examples to work from: -- Direct Gateways: Offsite (hosted) gateways:

  • $400 USD In Progress

    I am looking for a person to apply my design to a new Shopify account.I have the PSD and JPG files that i have created and I need someone to convert it to a Theme.The design is ready, the account is online. Everything is ready to start working.It&quot;s very important to start now and finish very soon. Busco a una persona para aplicar a Shopify un diseño que creé para una tienda online.Yo aporto los PSD y los JPG y necesito que lo conviertas en un nuevo Theme personalizado.El diseño está listo, la cuenta de Shopify activa. Todo listo para empezar a trabajar.Me urge tenerlo listo cuanto antes.

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello, I am looking for some assistance from someone experienced in Shopify in regards to uploading a shopify theme to the shopify website. I have used shopify before a few years ago and have a theme template from my previous shopify website but I am getting errors when trying to upload my old theme. I am basically just looking for someone to help me get my old theme uploaded and working properly. From there, I should be able to make any necessary changes myself I just cannot get past the error I am getting when I go to upload the theme. I contacted shopify support and they said it could be an issue with the structure of the theme. This is the theme I used three years ago and it worked then but things may have changed with shopify since then I am not sure about this. It could be a really quick fix or may require some work to get the site operating properly. I will provide a copy of the theme. and will provide you with the shopify login details if you accept the project.

  • $11 AUD/hr In Progress

    Just need general maintenance around my shopify store, things that I couldn&quot;t get done myself, fixing up the csv/data feed that&quot;s loaded in and some little graphical work and other housekeeping stuff just to set the store to a respectable level to launch.

  • $11 USD/hr In Progress

    I have purchased a template from that i need a full website build for. The website will be 15 pages, with one additional page for putting my vendors on, with excessive drop down menus for hundreds of product selections. The ecommerce side of the website will only be selling one product, cabinet door samples. The website needs to compatible with tablets and smartphones, and that is included with the template. There needs to be a live chat button, and all contact requests need to be forwarded to a phone or email address. Customers will need the ability to upload pdf files to us, where we can recieve via email.I will have a lot of changes in color and format, and need a logo designed for The site needs to be designed in a manner that is expandable with new vendors.

  • $250 USD In Progress


  • $500 USD Today

    Hi,I need to complete all the features. This is the theme I’m using - I created this so far - can use the theme I provided or something different!I’m trying to create a site where golfers can meet other golfers.Thank you!

  • $650 USD Today

    We would like to have the new site live by mid-August. You can view our existing website at Please take a look at the website and read ll the additions and changes we are looking for below. Your bid must include the price of design, development and any plugins or extensions that will be needed. We would like the site changed to wordpress with a fresh new design. Issue overall:· Whenever you click on anything it is very slow in getting to it, both from the website user access as well as the website admin access. We would like to incorporate the following options into our website:· Title page, when hovering over the cover image it would pop out in a larger view.· Title page, using our eBook PDF’s to provide a Look in Side view (limited by a specific number of pages to view) rather than the 4-5 jpeg images to scroll through. I can provide these to you all as P2BP files that we have created through Flipping Book software. I can send you samples if you want to take a look at them.· Series page, copyright year to be shown on the series page.· Home page, adding a search feature for allowing the website user to search for a specific title rather than having to drill down through the series.· Home page, when clicking on the series category we would like the new titles to be bold and with a NEW icon next to the title.· Shopping cart, working properly and implementing PCI Security Standards.· Having the option of selling our eBooks using Flipping Book software and incorporating a purchase order and a point of purchase option for doing so. We would need to be able to administer the sale as well by delivering the file to the customer. CHANGES:Home page, left side of screen:· International Rights: this old catalog needs to come down. We can talk about what to put up in place of it, but this needs changed.· Customizing: we either need to add content to this or get rid of it.Home page, middle of the screen:· Change OVER 200 NEW TITLES! to 15 NEW SERIES FOR Y.A. READERS!· We also need to change the nine books that are shown on an angle, with the first one being a pop up (we will let you know which titles we would like to have shown)Home page, top of the screen:· Change downloadable catalog to new catalog, I will send you this file About Us page:· Bottom left of screen shows an LGBT cover with a NEW icon, this title is not new, either change cover or remove NEW icon. Contact Us icon:· Bottom left of screen shows a Kids with Special Needs cover with a NEW icon, this title is not new, either change cover or remove NEW icon. Book Fairs page:· How can we add images (book fair logos etc.) when posting book fairs? Sales Rep page:· Change format to a user friendly format, i.e., listed by state with sales rep info.

  • $400 USD Today

    I want to get a bid from someone on Converting a Site from BigCommerce to WooThemes + Wordpress site.We want the site to look exactly like the old site on the new WooThemes platform. Need only experts with Wordpress & Woothemes experience to apply. We also need this project done quickly. If you&quot;re reading this, please send me a message with one wooTheme website you created and I&quot;ll give you the URL to my site that needs to be converted so you can give me an accurate price and timeframe to complete. Thank you very much for your time!!!

  • $600 USD Today

    I need an online store coded, no design required. The site should be built using Wordpress.

  • $700 USD Today

    I need an add-on or some sort of plugin that can be added to Shopify. This plugin needs to hook on a purchase event in Shopify. When someone attempts to make a purchase, Shopify should send an API call to our application with a set of parameters including the credit card information to be billed. We will try to bill the card with the purchase details using our own code (already written) and will return a response to Shopify.If the charge has been successful the response will allow Shopify to approve the purchase, but if there is a problem with the purchase, Shopify will not continue and will allow the user to reenter the credit info.The plugin should also be able to store, in Shopify, a token identifying the customer (~ 80characters)The information I need from Shopify should be UTF8 encoded and should include:•The stored token [this must be securely stored in Shopify]•Customer name (the customer who is trying to buy the item)•Customer street and number•Customer city•Customer country•Customer email•Array of items including:oItem nameoQuantityoUnit priceoItem nameoQuantityoUnit priceo…•Shipping description [e.g. Express / Standard / Overnight etc]•Shipping cost•Credit card information: (to be charged)oCredit card numberoExpiry dateoNumber of paymentsoTotal payment•Currency [USD,EUR etc…]•Comments text [optional]•And any additional information that exists in the purchase attemptThe response from our API to this plugin/add-on will contain:•status: Boolean status [true, if successful and false if there was an error]If the response is true then purchase should be approved in Shopify. If not – the buyer should be able to re-enter credit card details and try again.

  • $6000 AUD Today

    Clarence St Cyclery – Shopify Website Build 2014We want to take our existing site content at and combine it with an e-commerce (store) section. So a hybrid solution that would house our existing site content and navigation and a store component. There is a dev site for the combined site built in Magento: We don&quot;t feel that Magento is appropriate and meets our needs - it is a bit overwhelming and unnecessary for our business. As you can see from the dev site, there is a double navigation that should be reworked into a single global nav. We are after a brand new site built on the shopify platform. Some design branding can be taken from, but we are after a completely new UX/ Design. The website development will consider the following:CONSIDERATIONS1.A cross-compatible site working across all mobile, tablet and desktop devices is important.2.This site must be developed as a responsive solution - as 40% of traffic is from mobile3.The website code will adhere to recent developments in web technologies that is web-standards compliant on both PC and Mac browser technologies as well as compliant with mobile devices including smart phones, Android devices, iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and tablet devices. 4.Social Media Integration. Content will be shareable across social platforms as well as have a strong link to the various channels. 5.The website must be functional, inviting, unique, beautifully designed, user friendly and make it easy for users to find the information they need.6.The design process must include wireframe designs.7.LightSpeed Retail POS integration using the Accumula connector for Shopify - BASIC SITE REQUIREMENTS•Homepage - including interactive elements such as large imagery rotating or rotating on click carousel, popular product feed, social feed, social links.•NAV - a simplified solution that is adaptive to mobile devices•SHOP section (catalog, product detail, cart, checkout, payment gateway condfig) •About (Staff, History, About us)•Why Clarence St page (Why customers should buy from us) - central in main NAV and replicated throughout site as a main theme•Staff – similar functionality to current•News & Join Newsletter – popup on initial entry into store section.•search - predictive•testimonials Get Kudos •chat Zopim •Services (service, Hire and fitting). Pay online.•Contact us•Social Media feed (Facebook) and tools on product pages for sharing•Returns and Delivery pages, terms, Disclaimer, site map etc•Cyclery TV - youtube video feeds page•Catalogue template design / code•Product details template design / code•Cart template design / code•Checkout page template design / code•Set-up of payment gateway within Shopify•Configure shipping rates•Optional (add to wishlist and my account section) •Gift VouchersEMAIL MARKETING1.MailChimp integration - This will have easy signup via the website. At the point of every enquiry / sale the visitor will be prompted to add themselves to this marketing list. 2.MailChimp email templates - Create a branded email newsletter template and set up the email marketing list within mailchimpSOCIAL MEDIA 
1.We need to keep social media marketing in mind. Include easy to see icons on every page to direct to social media landing pages (Facebook, Pinterest etc). 
2.Also include any relevant social media embeds like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter feeds. 3.Develop Facebook Landing pages and Fan pages as required.

  • $150 AUD Today

    Hi I need a Shopify Theme (Retina from out of the sandbox) customized. I have the design in PSD format. This is a very small budget so please don&quot;t quote over $100 as you won&quot;t be selected.

  • $300 USD Today

    Hi, i would like someone to help me design and create a simple website for me on Shopify using one of the free templates.I will be setting up a Shopify store that will sell business cards and banners so there is only 2 products but with various options of each product.Although it will be a simple website, i will want it to look sharp and have a checkout facility as well.

  • $150 USD Today

    All I need is coding to change the size of the logo on my current shopify mobile version.

  • $250 USD Today

    Building a supplement store, which will sell a kit for a specific health condition. Kit will be made from 3 products. The formula of these products will be managed by an algorithm outside the shopify store. The Apps algorithm will produce the right amount from each prodcut.On top would like to have a subscription model, automatic renewal mechanism.Would like to an offer to build this shop IT and billing options

  • $650 AUD Today

    Please reply with &quot;Project Florist&quot; in the heading.Project Description: I am looking for a developer to help design and create a Shopify store for a single product company (florist)Web Designer will have to do the following:1) Create site with example sites/mockups provided by myself.2) Create and/or acquire graphics for the site.Site will be a single product shopify site in the Florist/Florist delivery market. Freelancer must be able to manipulate images/create graphics in said demographics and create a professional page. All pages have to be web and mobile responsive.Website will include a main page with rotating picture carousel. Refer to the . Additionally, the site will require an &quot;about company&quot;, &quot;contact&quot; page. Textual/Pictures content will be provided by myself. Some graphical content will have to be provided by designer.Online store will have to be customized outside the normal Shopify parameters and will require a Shopify developer with experience. Shopify site must also allow Social media login A custom form for users to enter personal information is also required. Shopify site must also allow Social media login.

  • $200 USD Today

    Hello.I recently created my online digital store on Shopify where I&quot;m selling FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins and some other things.Right now I&quot;m selling the coins manually but some days when I get a lot of orders it can take quite some time to complete them.That&quot;s why I&quot;m looking for someone to create a private app for my Shopify store that can do all this automatically.So basically, what I need is an app for Shopify that automatically completes a FUT coin order when I click a button.It should work pretty much the same way as (which also uses Shopify) works except that it shouldn&quot;t automatically buy the player, just find the player with the right club name, add the order to my system and give me information on how long it&quot;s left until the card expires. Then I can deliver the order whenever I want just by clicking on a button next to the order.The interface should be something like this that I also want to support PC coins and not only Playstation and Xbox.The interface and design should be customizable somewhat easily by me (the website owner).I hope everything is clear and if you have any questions, just hit me up.Thanks.

  • $350 USD Yesterday

    I need a website built that replicates the look and functionality of I would prefer the site to be built in Wordpress but I am open to suggestion.

  • $600 USD Yesterday

    HI,I am wondering if you have the ability to implement mockups onto new WordPress/E-commerce(Magento) sites given layered image files (PSD).This requires a proficient knowledge of HTML and CSS; additionally, it requires experience with WordPress/E-commerce (Magento) open source. All of our sites are customized to our clients. This further requires performance regarding implementing standards compliant to websites using HTML5, CSS, and modern Javascript libraries/frameworks.I have coming project that we have to build up with Magento, the plugin and attribute should be all most same with bench marking site.....You should be implant 99% of the our design. I can provide the design in PSD file. We have a lot of website developing project in WP/Magento. Most my clients are small retails in low budget.

  • $550 USD Yesterday

    We run a subscription box where we have to tailor a selection of flavors according to a members flavor Likes & Dislikes. We would like a better way to collect this information. Currently we ask new members to explain what they like and dislike through a text box. We want to change this method by adding a tagging system that uses a database of different flavor tags for i.e. pear, peach, cake. The Tagging system would be two text sections for the new member to input their preferences there would be a Like box and a Dislike box. We would also like these two sections to be in the design of clouds this way a member can make a cloud of Flavor Likes and a cloud for Flavor dislikes. We want this process to work in the same way that the &quot;Enter some skills that relate to the project&quot; section that uses when posting up a project for bid. Another part we want to add to our sign up process has to do with the bottles of flavor we send out to our members. Currently members choose between 4 different flavor themes for their box Fruit, Dessert, menthol, tobacco, & variety. once they choose what flavor theme they want we send them all flavors that fall under the picked category. We would like to change this by letting the member pick a specific flavor category for each bottle that we send to them. We send a total of five bottles every month. We would like the user to be presented with the silhouette of 5 bottles. We would like the user to be able to press on each bottle and be able to select a flavor category for each each bottle. Each flavor category would change the silhouette of the bottle image to a different color which represents each category. This way we can better know what to send out to members for example one member might want 3 bottles of fruit flavors & 2 bottles of dessert flavors while another member might want 4 dessert flavors & 1 fruit. The third part we want to change is how a new member selects their Nicotine strength. We currently allow members to choose one nicotine strength. Once they select a nicotine strength we only send that strength. If someone selects 6MG of nicotine every bottle they get will be 6MG. We want to change this to give the user the ability to choose a specific strength for each bottle that they would get. The user would be presented again with 5 silhouette bottles. When a user presses each bottle to select the Nicotine strength for each bottle the silhouette will not change colors but will show the strength selected on the bottles label. The final part of the sign up is simple. We currently give every new member one freebie at sign up. There are 2 choices & we use a drop down menu to allow the user to select 1 choice. We would like to change this from a drop down menu selection to displaying the choices as images and allow the user to select one. All the information collected above from each member would be passed along to our back end. We would also like to allow users to be able to update their preferences at anytime during their subscription to us in their my account page. This would allow users to add flavors that they like and dislike whenever they want. When a member updates their preferences this will automatically update the master recurring order for that specific members subscription. This way we have an updated order when the users subscription renews. One more feature we would like to add to the sign up is the ability to up-sell products that users would like to add to their subscription. They would be displayed as an optional expandable menu that would show the products that are possible to add to a subscription. Bidders must be exceptional at php, wordpress, woocommerce, html5, web design, and graphic design. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY AND ONLY BID IF YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO ACHIEVE.Every part of the design must match the style of our current theme. It must also be Responsive. Also the coding must be well documented for future upgrades.

  • £200 GBP Yesterday

    They use WordPress extensively in a variety of ways so a deep understanding of the platform is essential. - Extensive knowledge of PHP 5 and library functions including cURL and PHPXML - Extensive knowledge of WordPress APIs up-to-and-including latest version - Extensive knowledge of WordPress functions, frameworks & theme building - MySql knowledge + PhpMyAdmin experience - Working knowledge of OOP PHP and Procedural PHP - Excellent working knowledge of HTML4/5 + XHTML - Excellent working knowledge of CSS 3

  • $1111 AUD Yesterday

    We are launching a fashion brand and have selected a Shopify template and want help inputting images correctly, arranging text, getting the shop up and running and some minor customising of menu items.

  • $1000 AUD Yesterday

    We are launching a fashion brand and have selected a Shopify template and want help inputting images correctly, arranging text, getting the shop up and running and some minor customising of menu items.

  • $900 USD Yesterday

    We want help to design and implement a Web-shop by use of Shopify. Our shop can be found: storefront password: ovicke Here is a good example that describes our ideas about how our shop should look like: Our shop in general has similar style as above &quot;Nike+&quot; Home page: one example of home page is (attachment: 1/11) Example: Product page: one example of product page is (attachment: 2/11) Example: Each product&quot;s &quot;learn more page&quot;: (attachment: 3/11) Example: It would be better if we can decide the length and width of the pictures. Some of the pictures should be able to add &quot;shop now&quot; button. The &quot;shop now&quot; button will link to the product&quot;s &quot;shop now page&quot; as following. Each product&quot;s &quot;shop now page&quot; (attachment: 4/11): Example: We don&quot;t want many products in this page at the same time, just the selected product&quot;s information. It&quot;s &quot;shop now&quot; information should be presented in the middle of this page, and larger size than the example. Your Cart Page (attachment: 5/11): Example: We would like a simplified version of this. RunKeeper/Endomondo page: (attachment: 6&7/11) Example: These 2 pages are static pages. In general, we want to keep using &quot;shopify free template functions.&quot; But we currently feel difficult to edit the text, so we want additional functions: 1. Being able to modify typefact (front). 2. Being able to modify type size Membership page: (attachment: 8/11) Example: Static page as &quot;6&7&quot;. We also want a &quot;Register now button&quot; in this page. About us page: (attachment: 9/11) Example: static page as &quot;6,7 or8&quot;. We will add more pictures in this page. It would be better if we can adjust the length and width according to our need/ design. &quot;JOIN&quot; button: (attachment: 10/11) &quot;join button&quot; should be similar as &quot;Nike join button&quot; on the right corner of Header. The form should also be similar to it. Log In button: (attachment: 11/11) Example: should also be similar as &quot;Nike log in&quot; on the right corner of Header. The form should also be similar to it. The account setting: we only want to keep the &quot;profile, account settings, my orders, log out&quot; functions. Our blog page: We want to keep our current blog page functions. Future editing: Make Fitsampler easy to add &quot;new product&quot; (both &quot;learn more page&quot; and &quot;shop now page&quot;) and &quot;new static page&quot; as 6, 7 or 8. Fitsamplershop webpage design Design a ready theme with good pages (all pages mentioned above), so it is ready to sell. Hereunder get our product&quot;s description ready to sell. We provide: Original texts, pictures, and photos needed. You might need to bring extra pictures. FitSampler Marketing materials design Design marketing campaign graphics, which have the same profile as our shop and our products. These graphics can satisfy the requirements being used in product packaging and marketing campaign materials: package box for products, 2 rollup, 1 booth and 1 flyer, etc.

  • $500 USD Yesterday

    i have an established makeup business and would like to add a shopify type site

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