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Amna Sheikh

Medical and Non-Medical Writer and an Expert Web Researcher

Username: Amna22

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Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Member since: January 2011



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My projects:

  • $10 USD
    Profile image for Seller engrtun



    more than satisfied. would hire again.<br/>

    Project Description:A brochure of surgical/surgery sets need some writing ... i have an example (written by my staff), you will re-write in professional, original and creative way. Please PM me for example.
  • $85 USD
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    Makes the extra mile to create a tremendous paper!

    Project Description:You are to critically analyze and review the book, &#039;The Emperor&#039;s New Clothes: Biological Theories of Race at the Millennium&#039;. The goal of this assignment is to broaden your exposure to minority health and health disparities literature and to take a comprehensive look at health disparities...
  • $90 USD
    Profile image for Seller fairgo11


    8 days ago

    The ONLY freelancer who read the complete project details, and applied point by point to all of my concerns. Very professional,on time &amp; fixed issues (that were my fault) wish I had more work for her.

    Project Description:Nursing related assessment. If you are either a nurse or related to medical field that will be the best scenario... but other people who are good at detailed medical research online (and Excellent english) are welcome to apply as well...
  • $30 AUD
    Profile image for Seller italipino


    9 days ago

    Amazing job!! :)

    Project Description:I have an 800 word essay due on the 11th of April. This is the essay question: 1. Identify one factor of wellbeing.  Discuss why you see this as a significant factor of wellbeing in your life and that of your parents...
  • $145 CAD
    Profile image for Seller avalova420


    11 days ago

    Great freelancer....

    Project Description:as discussed
  • $25 USD
    Profile image for Seller kylesaad


    13 days ago

    Good work, On time

    Project Description:I want: - rewriting &amp; paraphrasing in simple words - all paragraphs and sentences to be connected to each other as smooth as possible - you may find some duplication -keep the best - please do not change...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller Ame126


    15 days ago

    good work.

    Project Description:*** We’re a professional assignment writing agent, if you do the work well, there is guarantee of repeat hires, peruse through my profile to confirm the number of repeat hires *** * * * Guidelines...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller ale730


    19 days ago

    Great Job within limited time :)

    Project Description:I need a 4 page essay for today March 31st before 6pm (Dallas, TX) time The essay should be (Arial or Times New Roman, 11pt, double spaced). The essay should include an Introduction, Exposition (Thesis), and Conclusion...
  • $55 USD
    Profile image for Seller johnny9467


    26 days ago

    work was a bit late but didn't affect outcome of the project

    Project Description:We have a healthcare website that ranks the quality of medical treatments for given medical conditions. ie. Aspirin for Headaches, Physiotherapy for back pain, etc. I am looking for 40 reviews as described above and will pay $50 for completed work...
  • $110 AUD
    Profile image for Seller hackman12


    29 days ago

    Amna22 is very professional and her command over health science topics is excellent! Highly recommended freelancer, will hire again.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
    Amna Sheikh has not completed any projects.
  • $120 USD In Progress

    Project Description: Please see the link for the details.. Essay length : 4500 words will not be tolerated.Bids over 100 dollars will not be considered.

  • $150 USD In Progress

    - 10 pages research paper (2200 words)- Needed in 24 hours - NO Plagiarism - APA style- research should include : history and background about the disease, how it spreads in body, types and grades of the disease, Cure and awareness. My MAX Budget $150.

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Book chapter in GERD

  • $12 USD/hr In Progress

    I require the latest articles/scientific research results on the effect coffee/caffeine has in respect to stimulating the body or specific organs to perform better during physical exercise. Any other positive benefits as well.The information must come with references, and be verified as the latest scientific understanding. It must be formatted as one report and all the beneficial components highlighted.

  • $105 USD In Progress

    5 to 6 pages due tomorrow at 10 am,

  • $140 USD In Progress

    Communication in Practice 3000wordsMore information given later

  • $160 CAD In Progress

    As discussed in the private messages......

  • $35 USD In Progress

    Write on AVERSIVE CONDITIONING highlighting the following:1] Origin, Definition and Explanation of theory. 100 words2] Evolution of use from beginning to modern day (flow chart)3] Novel and failed ambitious uses (diagram, flow chart etc are options)4] Current Use and Future proposals for its use/application (400 words)5] Current Research into AVERSIVE CONDITIONING. (300 words)6] Cutting edge applications1000 words approximately.Note: It is about the information and not particularly the grammar.Diagrams and Flow charts should be used particularly when showing timelines

  • £55 GBP In Progress

    title :Analyse and compare the various forms of audiological support for deaf people of all ages.instructions: For further information on the title:What kind of services do the audiologists offer? Describe different types of aids for deaf children and adults and consider the different types of deafness. &quot;Consider the technological changes over the past decades as well as the potential for future development. Look at the medical model and analyse whether Deaf people are in agreement with the philosophy behind the medical model of deafness.&quot;The Following are some source I would like to be used:1) &quot;Everyone here spoke sign language&quot; written by GROCE, N (Pub. 1985)2) &quot;Deaf Culture our way&quot; written by HOLCOMB, R (Pub. 1994)3) &quot;Understanding Deaf Culture&quot; written by LADD, P (Pub. 2003)4) &quot;Deaf Children in public schools&quot; written by RAMSEY, C (Pub. 1997)5) &quot;Choices in Deafness&quot; written by SCHWARTZ, S (Pub. 2007)6) &quot;The Linguistics of British Sign Language&quot; written by SUTTON-SPENCE, R (Pub. 2003)1500 wordsapa referencingmust be completed within 8 days

  • $40 USD In Progress

    Hello,I would like you to join a facebook group (will be given once project agreed) I would then like certain posts which are food recipes entered on my website, as posts (wordpress)I am looking initially for 200 posts. Each post should take no more than 5 minutes of copying.

  • £130 GBP Today

    Hello, i am looking for a relable person who is qualified to complete this Psychology assignment for me (University level)......Imporatant info (NO Plagiarism, use of Harvard Referencing, only UK english writing, and the assignment must be at Distinction level). Please Message me if you meet my criteria.....please don&quot;t bid if you are not a qualified scholar for Psychology subject.kind Regards Title of Assignment: Critically Discuss the Diagnosis, Causes and Treatment of Mental Illness Description of Assignment: In in essay of 2000 words, answer the questions below: Q1 Discuss the view that a combination of different criteria (statistical infrequency, violation of moral standards etc.) is needed to distinguish normal from abnormal behaviour. Refer to issues relating to culture and time. (1.1; 1.2) Q2 Describe diagnostic classification systems such as the DSM and ICD and assess (a) the difficulties involved in and (b)the usefulness of diagnosing mental illness. (1.3) Q3 Choose two illnesses from two of the following categories: ‘depressive,’ ‘anxiety,’ and ‘psychotic’ disorders and discuss the similarities and differences between them (2:1) Q4 Evaluate the biological, psychological and social causes of the main mental illnesses.(2:2) Q5 Describe and evaluate treatments for mental illnesses. Refer to the practical and ethical implications of these treatments in your answer (3:1 ; 3:2) more info read the attacments

  • $30 CAD Today

    20 Linkedin Profile Summary - no personal information needed.

  • £42 GBP Today

    Need to do only Data analysis - Motivation of parents at around 800 words

  • $250 USD Today

    Please see the link for the details.. Essay length : 4500 words will not be tolerated.

  • $130 USD Today

    Various measures of vertical jump execution are commonly used as performance indicators in many sports -Word limit 2500 wordsDetailing the kinematic and kinetic patterns involved, explain the biomechanical principles which are exploited in maximising vertical jump height. Critically analyse how vertical jump measures are determined and explain the advantages and disadvantages of different measurement techniques. Then evaluate if and how vertical jump is an effective performance measure for a sport of your choice.This assignment relates to the following Unit learning outcomes:1. Apply the principles of functional anatomy and biomechanics to the critical analysis of normal and abnormal human movement and how mechanical and physiological principles affect function.3. Critically analyse sports skills and sequences required by an athlete, including movements specific to the sport, athlete, team role or position8. Critically engage with current research relating to athlete biomechanics, injury prevention and performance enhancementPlease use the APA referencing style, as detailed in the Library&quot;s new guide for referencing.Remember to include the word count for your assignment – Word limit 2500 words

  • $130 USD Today

    I have to submit an Microbiological Journal to submit. I have completed the work research and writing part of my end. I am looking for a person who can re-write the Journal as I need to submit 6000 words Journal and it is around 4500 words only. I need to re-write the words and fill the gap and proof read too so that it could pass the copy escape.Hope to hear from you soon.Happy Bidding

  • $5 CAD/hr Yesterday

    We are looking for somebody to perform research to find online/distance degrees from lists of universities that we specify. Your role will be to find the university&quot;s official website, and find whether it offers any online/distance degrees. If there are online/distance degrees (full degrees offered 100% online), we will need certain information for each degree. If there are no online degrees offered for a certain university, please note that the university has been researched and that there are no online degrees offered through that university.Details for what information is required can be found in the file attached to this project. Once accepted to work on this project, you will receive login information where you will be able to upload the required information to the site, and submit it to us for approval. We will then check the information, and either approve it or mark it as requiring corrections, and provide feedback on what changes need to be made. Once all degrees for a certain university are uploaded and ready for approval, please let us know and we will review the items that have been uploaded. This will also keep track of the number of degrees uploaded, and how many have been approved/in progresss/require corrections. Payments will be sent once all degrees for a certain university are uploaded and approved, after any corrections have been made. The number of online degrees offered by each univesrity varies from about 5-50 degrees, depending on the university.We will begin with a project of about 20 universities as a test project. This will allow time to check the work, and provide feedback to about the work, and to answer any questions you may have in case of how the information is presented and what to do with it.Please note that all of hte information that is to be found must be from the school&quot;s official website, and not from any aggregator sites, in order to ensure accuracy. The source page for every degree will need to be included with each one.We are looking to hire on a per degree basis, so a fixed price for each degree that is approved, plus compensation for time spent researching a university if one does not offer any online degrees. We are looknig to pay between $0.30-$0.35 per degree, and $2 for if a university does not offer any online degrees. At the beginning it may take a bit of time to find the first degrees, but then additional degrees from the same university will be much faster as the information is typically presented in the same format. It will also be going faster as your questions are answered, and you know how to treat certain situations that you may encounter while doing the research. We think these should be fair prices as the time required per degree averages out, please include in your bid description the price per degree you are bidding.The first project will be of 20 universities based in the UK.Thanks for reading, I look forward to your bids.Thomas

  • $240 USD Yesterday

    I need approximately 4 Essays on the subject of Parent Involvement in Schools, written in APA format with 3 sources cited. Each essay will be approximately 5 pages long (1,200 to 1,500 words). My budget is $40-60 per essay.

  • £750 GBP Yesterday

    We have some English (UK) language content we need re-written to be unique from existing copy.We have current content as a pdf which is approximately 1500 pages and contains approximately;230,000 standard words7500 numeric words1000 non standard words The content is related to pharmaceuticals; some is fairly technical but can be understood by most. Finished content must be unique from original and not show up in copy-scape as duplicate content!

  • $1000 USD 2 days ago

    literature review for pHd dissertation

  • $1200 USD 2 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • €750 EUR 3 days ago

    The essay is a dissertation about special education needs. A research must be perfomed that investigates an issue on Special Educational Needs and the results must be analysed. The research wil be comprised of both quantitative and qualitative methods. The research need not be executed, but the data of the reasearch will be at your disposal. The assignment must follow the format of an article with complete references and must be of length 15000-20000 words and written in englishExcellent use of English is of course required Good knowledge of reasearch methodology is needed as wellEducational experience is not required but the author must know to read the bibliography and produce his/her own arguments on the subject.

  • $10 USD/hr 4 days ago

    Report requirementsThis is the report - please can you write this report using the same content, but in different words:Using this original report:- Titles need to be the same, but worded differently-Content/paragraphs of text need to be the same, but worded differently.- The layout of fonts and styles (Bold, Italic, underlined) need to be different.- The overall feel of each copy should be different, but contain the same content but (worded differently).Please can you make 1 different/ unique copy of the report.

  • $70 USD 4 days ago

    Write a case study on Psychology.Information will be provided upon request.Looking for Freelancers that are experts in the psychological field.

  • $105 USD 4 days ago

    PLEASE NOTE that I am looking for a writer to work with LONG TERM. I will need you to also write other reports in the near future provided that your work is of quality material and your price per report is reasonable.PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED All material must be original content. My staff will check for any material found to be plagiarized and it will be reported to proper authorities and not paid for!A signed contract stating that this is WORK FOR HIRE creation that you will own no rights to and that your name will appear nowhere on or within the product and that I will own all rights including resell and distribution rights.Table of Contents (preferred)12pt fontTimes New Roman onlySingle spaces1 inch margin on all sidesA basic 1-2 paragraph summary/report description that simply explains what the report is about and what it covers (THIS IS A MUST). This is a very easy and doable job especially if you’re a great writer so please bid fairly.

  • $100 USD 4 days ago

    Can you write a research proposal about the impact of Affordable Care Act in quality measures of nursing homes in the United States?Required sections for research proposalo1. Cover page: this page includes the project title. Title may be no more than 100 characters in length and should be descriptive of the project (i.e. something like Research Methods Proposal is not acceptable) Do not use abbreviations unless absolutely necessary. Include researchers name, date of submission, course name and number.o2. Abstract: A summary of no more than 300 which should describe the background, significance, aims (or objectives), methods (including design type, setting, population and sample, if appropriate), and analysis plan. o3. Justification: A brief statement of why the proposed work should be designated as ‘Health Policy Research”. (No more than 1/2 page)o4. Background and significance: Present the health policy issue, concisely summarize and critically evaluate previous work related to your research topic (should help the reader recognize the salient issues), include the purpose of the proposed project and a statement of the significance of the proposed project. (no more than 4 pages)o5. Specific Aims or objectives of the proposed project. Clearly state the primary aims or objectives of your proposed project. Provide a brief rationale for these aims (why these? This is a place where you can pull your purpose, question(s), hypotheses, and rationale together) (no more than 1 and 1/2 pages)o6. Research Design: Describe (in no more than 7 pages)Your hypothesis(ese), proposed methods (descriptive, analytic, observational, experimental,quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, ect.) include a rationale for the approach (this rationale can bring in info from literature about use of methods chosen).Describe the study setting or settings, study population and, if appropriate, sample selection process. (be sure to clearly note the unit of analysis for your study)If appropriate, state the primary dependent and independent variables. Include a definition, operational definition, and level of measurement. In paragraph form, describe WHY these variables and definitions were selected.Describe the process for obtaining data to be used in the proposed project.Analysis plan- be sure to address the appropriate analysis for the aims or hypotheses and levels of data proposed. o7. Potential effect or impact: Specifically state how completion of the proposed work will advance health policy research or aspects of practice that are important for health or the healthcare system. (no more than 1 page) o8. Human Subjects protection: State if the proposed project would require review by the IRB. If yes, briefly note human subjects protection concerns (no more than ½ page)o 9. Limitations: Discuss the delimiting and potential limiting factors for the proposed project, particularly those due to design. (no more than ½ page)OSUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: Potential difficulties Discuss potential difficulties you would face if you tried to carry out this project. (no more than 1/2 page)

  • $45 USD 6 days ago

    I have some exams Questions on Fire Safety, Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Accident Causation and Investigation.Once you bid, i will give you the questions.Requirement: I need your answers to the proposed questions so i can practice for the exams.Thank you and welcome to biding.

  • $800 AUD 6 days ago

    Require complete literature review for Doctorate thesis on the effects of defence postings on children and adolescence.Need a description of the Australian defence force context in regard to postings and any articles that have researched the effects of mobility / postings on family / children / adolescence.There is a lot of American research on this topic but I don&quot;t believe there is for Australia?In summary the research question is: “What are the experiences for adolescents of military families during posting cycles. What factors can support the adolescent during the process of relocation”.Sub questions include1. How do adolescents reflect in their experiences overtime2. Are there any differences in the age of the child at time of the first posting and subsequent effects?3. Are there any differences regarding the number of moves and the effects?4. What do adolescents find helpful or beneficial in supporting them when they post.5. What do they find most difficult6. How has the postings effected relationships with family members, the deployed parent and friendships7. Are there any gender differences and how it effects postings.Could you please structure the literature review to answer all of the above 7 questions.Would also need a literature review regarding adolescents and attachment theoryPlease focus on Australian research including grey literature if any, otherwise any other research examples are fine to support the questions.Will require between 30,000 to 40,000 words in a word document so changes can be tracked.Research references required as well in the bibliography. APS citation format please.If you have the experience more than happy to chat on Skype to provide further details or questions you may have.

  • $52 USD/hr 8 days ago

    We&quot;re developing a pilot program in which behavioral health therapists will be co-located with primary care practices. We need someone to write up the project for several audiences: physicians, health plans, patients. It&quot;s a small project which we hope will grow, but for now what we need is someone to research Clinical Integration projects and create, based on your research, a style sheet. Then you&quot;d write a brief report on the project, based on your style sheet.We&quot;re in New Haven, CT, so someone in Connecticut would probably be preferable. This isn&quot;t a huge project, but it could lead to an ongoing relationship with our organization (a group of 550 independent physicians in the Greater New Haven area who work together to improve care for their patients).We would like a rough draft of the report by April 21st, and a final draft by April 28th. It may be 4 hours of work or so over the two weeks.In the end, we&quot;ll use your product in several ways to achieve buy-in for this project, which will be helpful both to primary care physicians and to their patients.

  • $105 USD 8 days ago

    Need a case write-up of a &quot;real life&quot; patient. must be a psychological case formulation, together with 20 sessions of supportive psychotherapy that was done.

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Post graduate trainee

Dec 2013 - Present (5 months)

Mayo Hospital, Lahore

I am doing my pg traineeship in medicine after clearing FCPS- Part 1.

Medical Officer

Jun 2013 - Nov 2013 (5 months)

Mayo Hospital

Responsible for emergency management of patients. Responsible for the teaching and managing of medical students. Assisted in the intensive care unit and with dermatology specialties.

House Officer

Apr 2012 - Apr 2013 (1 year)

Mayo Hospital, Lahore



University of Health Sciences


BA (Economics and Statistics)

University of the Punjab, Lahore



Medical Aid

Mayo Hospital, Lahore


Demographic, clinical, lipid, and outcome characteristics in patients underwent cardiac bypass surgery at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital in Oman (2009-2012)

The American Journal of Cardiology

This study is written by me as a ghostwriter for my client from Oman.