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3d modelling, logo design, photography, illustrations...

Username: AveliyaDesign

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Location: Santiago, Chile

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My projects:

  • $536 USD
    Profile image for Seller oneeightzero



    awesome! thank you!

    Project Description:Please Read!!!!! Need a company logo for hats, tshirts stickers ect. Am looking for an old fashioned pin up girl drawing of a sexy redhead with long hair in a ponytail. Bent over at the waist, looking over her shoulder, holding a 48 inch bright yellow pipewrench...
  • $390 USD
    Profile image for Seller Ruffino


    2 days ago

    Perfect artist

    Project Description:Children prints with chocolate houses and bycecles
  • $178 AUD
    Profile image for Seller mjoyb


    2 days ago

    This was a great experience, I am so glad I tried Freelancer and found Aveylei. Her work was great, quick to respond and I never felt as though I was disconnected. Thank you.

    Project Description:I am looking for someone to draw me a caricature of two people in a car or standing next to a car. I want to transfer this picture onto the top of a wedding cake and so the lines need to be pretty simple, like a child's colouring book...
  • $180 USD
    Profile image for Seller optimuschu


    8 days ago

    Overall, it has been a good experience working with Aveliya. Very professional. She is a strong artist, but I would encourage her to get more experienced with working in vector art and illustrator.

    Project Description:We are creating a set of illustrated badges. Here are examples of art styles that could be a starting point for these badges. A bit more flat, but we would like to find and develop the appropriate style for us, so we can explore styles...
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller dgacser


    14 days ago

    She provided exactly what I asked for! She's very responsive and communication was excellent. I will definitely use her again!

    Project Description:I am a kids magician, and I have a jungle theme for my shows. I have artwork created already, but it is only 150dpi, and in portrait mode - and thus not sufficient for banners, t-shirts, and my website...
  • $159 USD
    Profile image for Seller lulwah


    15 days ago

    excellent work! great communication! will definitely hire her again for my next project

    Project Description:i can send you a picture that i used for my last project which was not original,this year i would like to use the same spirit but in different characters original characters i guess i can show you...
  • $98 USD
    Profile image for Seller conquer1


    16 days ago

    Very thorough and professional freelancer!

    Project Description:We are a skate brand based in the United States. Currently we are in the process of redoing many of our old designs that were never officially released. We will be posting designs separately for freelancers to take the old designs and make them better, for our official launch in the fall of 2014...
  • $456 USD
    Profile image for Seller sammihelivian


    19 days ago

    Highly competent, cooperative, skillful, a pleasure to work with.

    Project Description:This is an ebook cover. Cold be a paper book cover later. Scene is a lavish wedding reception with flower arrangements, decorations, lighting, numerous guests watching comic, romantic, erotic, bdsm scene on dance floor...
  • $695 USD
    Profile image for Seller galisadeh


    Mar 22, 2014

    the communication with Aveliya was terrific, the sketches were delivered on time and with the highest quality,the final illustrations were exactly as i imagined! Highly recommended!

    Project Description:Hi There, Im looking for an illustrator for a kids book. a lot of meadows and outdoors view, green landscapes and animals. Im looking for a flat look, maybe cartoon look and feel, of more like pencil and brush look and coloring...
  • $191 AUD
    Profile image for Seller ameliapearson22


    Mar 22, 2014

    My project was very much a work in progress. AveliyaDesign continued to work on the design until I was satisfied. I even had a second design done straight away!

    Project Description:design a tshirt to incorporate road cycling and mountains
    AveliDesign has not completed any projects.
  • [Sealed] In Progress

    create new and recreate T,shirt designs as per pm discussion..

  • $473 USD In Progress

    We develop branded wifi hotspot software for franchise chains. Our software distinguishes itself from other hotspot softwares by offering localized services to the end-users of a location. To name a few of these services: - List of facebook (or other social network) friends who visited that location - Vote for the next song to be played - Flirt with another patronCurrently we are having some issues getting our message across, we would like to commission something like a slide based illustration or cartoon that shows features and upsides of our product,The following is a list of steps we think should be illustrated. Whether each step is one slide or multiple steps combined in one, is up to the designer / illustrator. Good ideas are always welcome. 1. Girls walks to the hairdresser to get hair done. a. logo will be provided2. Sits down in the waiting area, and is bored3. Takes out her phone and connects to the hairdressers wifi a. Connection to the local wifi router is obvious from lines/waves/ in the air to the local router4. Her phones shows a hairdresser branded login page, to login with facebook or twitter5. You see her friends receive a facebook notification saying she’s getting her hair done at this specific hairdresser6. Her phone shows branded welcome page, showing some of the local digital services., while she is still sitting in the waiting room, now she is happy.7. ---- Cut to the corporate headquarters of the hairdresser -----8. marketing employee sees new visitor in the stats for the hairdresser9. marketing employee sends a digital coupon to the new visitor.Input is appreciated, if we are satisfied with the work we will commission more of these.

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    The job is to design the UI and icons of a slot machine app.+ 4 different themes for slot machines (symbols + background + bonus icon(s))+ a few simple animations (big win, mega win, 5 in a row)+ User interface for menus + icons+ App iconFor style and quality reference I have attached a few screenshots.Requirements:- NDA document- Assignment of Copyright document- Unlimited Revisions

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Preferably I"m looking for artist in New Jersey, or nearby state. Someone I can meet face to face with initially and when and if necessary throughout the project if the need arises. Project is to construct a vector drawing in Adobe Illustrator of a baseball field (aerial view), which will be used as a game board surface, 15 inches by 15 inches square. Field must resemble a life-like baseball field with accurate grass (2 toned) and dirt coloring (with texturing if possible). There will be grandstands around the perimeter with many small fans. A grid of lines forming small squares (with text) will be added over the field. In addition, we"ll need a scoreboard and our logo added. Our logo has been designed, but we would like it to be slightly redesigned by you as well.IMPORTANT: We will provide you with an exact detailed drawing of everything. We need you to construct this into Adobe Illustrator adding your artistic impression bring it all to life.Thank you very much for considering this job. Note: The attached JPEG is only an example of a 2 toned grass ball field.

  • $263 USD In Progress

    Looking for 15 pictures to be illustrated for an mobile game. 1. person"s head in cartoon format for startup screen with background (I will provide specific examples when the project starts)2. small picture of head for app icon with background3. small picture of head with 7-10 minor variations. 4. drawing cartoonish of a city skyline, I will provide example.

  • zł736 PLN In Progress

    Nasza firma: Europlast głównie zajmuje się produkcją systemów zabezpieczeń przed ptakami. Jesteśmy znani i kojarzeni z produktem COROBIRD stosowanym do ochrony budynków przed szkodliwym działaniem zabrudzeń powodowanych przez ptaki miejskie.Projekt opakowania dotyczy nowego systemu: EuroKorona, którego innowacyjność polega na modułowej budowie, poliwęglanowych kolcach (obecnie większość produkowanych systemów posiada kolce metalowe), możliwości łączenia modułów w zależności od potrzeb, dowolne modelowanie kształtu w zależności od podłoża do którego jest przytwierdzana listwa (dachy, parapety, gzymsy na budynkach, itp)Produkt będzie używany w : budownictwie jednorodzinnym i budynkach użyteczności publicznej (np dworce kolejowe, magazyny spożywcze itp).Opakowanie produktu będzie wykorzystywane: w sklepach budowlanych, sklepach ogrodniczych, sklepach internetowych, powinno umożliwiać identyfikacje produktu, jego zastosowania oraz przykładowe instrukcje montażu: -montaż na kleju (np. do parapetów, do gzymsów betonowych- przykręcanie wkrętami (np. do wystających drewnianych elementów dachu, do blachy dachowejWymiary projektowanego opakowania to: 390mm x 130mm x 130mm (rys w załączniku), a jego kształt to prostokątZgłoszone projekty powinny zawierać następujące informacje o firmie: nazwa i logo firmy (załącznik), następujące informacje o produkcie: modułowy system zabezpieczenia przed ptakami.Na froncie opakowania powinny znaleźć się: nazwa produktu "EuroKorona", rysunek produktu, jego zastosowanie, informacje na temat jego wyjątkowości (modułowość) Na opakowaniu ma się znaleźć miejsce na tekst – jego orientacyjna długość to tylna ściana opakowania i 1/2 ściany bocznej na instrukcje.Zależy nam na tym aby nadsyłane projekty były przede wszystkim estetyczne i czytelnie komunikowały przeznaczenie produktu.Chcielibyśmy aby nadsyłane propozycje kojarzyły się z zabezpieczeniem budynków bądź ochrony ludzi przed insektami i chorobami roznoszonymi przez ptaki.Prosimy unikać odwołań do okaleczania ptaków.W projektach prosimy o wykorzystanie naszych materiałów: logo firmy które zostanie załączone wraz z innymi plikami: rysunki produktu (uwaga na rysunkach kolce mają inny kolor niż podstawa – w gotowym produkcie zarówno kolce jak i podstawa są przeźroczyste!!!), poglądowe szkice opakowania, inspiracje opakowań innych producentów.Projekt powinien być dostarczony w formatach: 1) JPG (RGB, CMYK, PDF)2) Pliki źródłowe Dodatkowo wymagamy pisemnej zgody na przekazanie praw dotyczących stworzonej wizualizacji w formie umowy oraz rachunku za usługę (mile widziana możliwość otrzymania faktury VAT)

  • $673 AUD In Progress

    We are after a series of small pencil or line illustrations to illustrate the various sections in a quality men"s lifestyle/fashion magazine.They need to be simple with a consistent "Classic gentlemen style" about them. See attached screen grabs for reference of style and detail required.Below are the sections that we need an illustration for each.TravelFood and drinkbooksFilmwomenmusicmotoringStyleFitness and healthClothesGroomingFragrancesbrandsWatches (Little larger than the rest)We can provide ideas of what each could be but also happy for ideas also.There is also potential for more illustrations in the future.Please include a relevant sample of your past work.

  • $25 CAD In Progress

    1 test illustration.The style you must copy is the (coloring-page.jpg) file attached.Black & white illustration, (.ai) illustrator file.The brief for the Illustration is based on file (01.jpg)You have to draw a chimney, with santa"s bag on the floor... full of toys, and ad the elf (from the other JPG) in the scene. The elf is putting the toys around the chimney instead of Santa Claus. The elf must LOOK the same, it is our main character.

  • $144 USD In Progress

    I am looking to give my current characters different poses and facial expressions. Also, looking to create a couple of different coloring sheets using the current creations attached.

  • $231 USD Today

    Illustrate/design our mobile application

  • $231 USD Today

    I would like a picture of my daughter made to look like a disney cartoon princess.

  • $126 USD Today

    Necessito de alguem habilidoso no Corel ou Illustrator para vetorizar uma imagem ( jpg ) existente fazendo algumas adaptações. Trata-se de uma pessoa segurando um notebook. Quero manter o estilo ( cores e traços ) mas alterar para minha pessoa. Para isso vamos mudar a cabeça e mexer um pouco na proporção do corpo.Anexei uma foto com um exemplo da arte. Esta é apenas uma imagem modelo para sentir o nível da dificuldade. A roupa que o boneco vai usar é um tenis branco, uma calça jeans azul, e uma jaqueta laranja.

  • $250 USD Today

    We need a white dog somewhere between Pixar"s Bolt and Tin Tin"s Snowy. The dog is not anthropomorphic but has an eager and intelligent face. The dog will be used in various poses and shots throughout the site.

  • $126 USD Today

    I need an amazing design to kick-start my new business. Name: #GoHarderSlogan: Get ResultsGraphics: should be unisex containing male/female (preferably fit)maybe a barbell w/ weights, explosion, awesome text font, Or maybe a guy in 1 arm push up position w/ a woman on his back holding something extremely heavy!!I don"t know. You"re the expert. lolI will most like use this 1st. Design for my logo as well

  • $263 AUD Today

    I am creating a graphic novel or a few comic strips for private viewing. I would like the style to be Similar to the Darwyn Cooke"s Parker novels. I will provide story and photographs. If you believe you have the required skilled please pm me for further information.

  • €126 EUR Today

    Creazione del disegno-grafica che verrà stampata sulla t-shirt, per un nuovo brand-progetto.Tema: Juventus - vince Scudetto Tshirt Celebrativa per visibilità marchio e social media marketingAttenzione: Diritti di immagine, nome e logo della Juventus. Precedentemente, già creato stampe con raffigurate foto della cerimonia di alcuni giornali online o della stessa juventus, modificando le originali, oppure con raffigurati i calciatori cercando di mascherare un po" l"immagine. ----> E" un idea possibile, o non rispetta alcuni diritti?Grazie per l"attenzioneCordiali SalutiMicheli Simone

  • $168 USD Today

    likeness sketch of my wife"s wedding dress and my military uniform as a gift for our 1st wedding anniversary.

  • $442 USD Today

    This is the logo completion and design work for an herbal line. We need a logo designed and completed with the character in the picture. This logo has to be colored in a water color/ Beatrix Potter style. This character is very lively and full of life. We need the logo, illustration and design work to reflect that energy. We will also need the labels designed for a supplement bottle, tea box, and tincture bottle. Please shoot me examples of your illustrative or design work and let"s make something special! Pictures are attached with the character and style of the herbal line. I"ve also attached a logo that we didn"t end up liking but would like the style to be similar in a sphere shape. NOT the colorization though. Please make a cleaner more whimsical looking logo than the one I attached. Thanks!

  • $1368 USD Today

    Dear freelancer,For our game project we need the following:20 unique characters from the middle of the body.10 men, 10 female, style would be like Caricature.It"s like the style from unibet poker figures.Each figure will be discribed with its own personality looks.4 envoirments /rooms with a table in the middle.Design style like unibet poker.Look at there website our see screenshot below to find a right freelancer who can fit our needs.Regards.

  • $336 USD Today

    Need a small illustration of a Bear and a Bull a la" wall street on a rollercoaster

  • $178 USD Today

    I am currently looking for a freelancer that could design graphic t-shirts. I have the design handwritten, but I need someone that create it technologically.

  • £442 GBP Today

    I need some gift cards designed of some towns in the UK

  • $571 AUD Today

    I need 4 full arcade machine artworks/designed..Need full background, characters, writing all original.. for 4 MachinesExample in pictures attached..I have illustrator file for cutout...

  • $2000 USD Today

    Looking for someone to redraw 400 images as vectors: -All images are from cartoons, and quite simple. -It is always just the character, not the background. -It will always just be a single character.-Sometimes it will just be a hand. -All images are parts of sequences of similar images. The majority will be redrawing frame by frame, but sometimes it will be possible to use part of an image and only redraw another element that changes.-The images have to be redrawn, Im not looking for any live trace work. -This bid is for 400 images. There might be more images in total which would extend the job and be paid in the same way of course. -The attached image shows some examples of the types of images that will need to be redrawn.-My budget for this is 2000 $.Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • £231 GBP Today

    save the date:One card only Invitation pack:InvitationRSVP card / email Mapall watercolour to be able to be printed onto stock card

  • $231 AUD Today

    Design a professional logo for an I.T company. Colour scheme is Red, Grey and Black. Must be professional.___________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • $250 USD Today

    Looking for a Designer to help create large scale images to be printed onto a product I am developing. The images are printed onto a mat, that are used to enhance various board games. I have a few ideas of mat designs I would like to get done, but this project is for a single mat design. I"m willing to extend to a larger project after this first project is complete.Requirements:1) You need to be able to design very large images (300dpi 38"x38" size at a minimum) 2) The first project is a top down realistic view of the ocean, with some light cloud cover, visible (but subtle) sealife, and other geographic features.3) Image should not have a "titled" look to it.

  • €63 EUR Today

    I require a graphic designer who will be able to work on my project. I will require you to do a CD cover for an album. The illustration must be in a cd cover format. The design is provided in the attachment. It"s representing a dark room with a bright CD an man in his leather chair watching TV and holding a cigarette in his left hand.I will chose only candidates who will send me an example of the work done on the attached file.Other details(TV content...) will be discused later.

  • $147 USD Today

    We have a few ideas for shirts but need a graphic designer to lay it onto a computer so we can print them.Must be creative and artistic.Thanks

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