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Chief Technology Officer at Bitfinch Inc.

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  • $500 USD Nov 14, 2013

    Hi,I was searching for a bulk Whatsapp blaster (ofcourse it is not spam ) and you seem to have a solution.My requirements for this app are:- Allow me to import contact numbers from csv file and to verify and show the numbers with WhatsApp accounts.- Ability to create group of contacts ,so that the app can broadcast msgs to these selected groups.- Ability to select ALL/Specific Groups/Individual Contacts to broadcast message.- If possible, allow attachment of at least 1 picture.Let me know if you are ready for this project. Thanks!** Please quote your charges for this project and I will appreciate if we can have trial/demo of the same. Awaiting for your response and regarding the price and delivery.Riyaz+966507956010Jeddah

  • $1000 USD Oct 31, 2013

    I like to do a Whatsapp Blasting. It consist of send text, image, audio and video clip to recipients at one click.The application can identify the phone number that have whatsapp or notThe application can receive text replied from recipientsPlease quote and advise me how the application working.

  • $150 USD Aug 7, 2013

    hello Bibasdo you have whatsapp bulk software thats work efictively i need one how mush it"s cost ?

  • $222 USD Jun 21, 2013

    I"m needing for a Whatsapp API (much like WhatsAPI), in order to be able to do the following:- Send Whatsapp messages to a list of my clients, located on a database source (mysql or even a text file).This is not a spam tool, since my clients agreed with this notification service. I"ve tried all apis around ( PHP) but none of them are ready to be used as bulk messaging system, which is what i"m needing, so this version should be ready, optimized and focused on this requirement: be able to send a standard or customized message to a list of phone numbers. I dont need any particular coding language, as long as it works and can also be called using php and can work on a linux hosting environment

  • $150 USD May 28, 2013

    Hi,I was searching for a bulk Whatsapp sender and you seem to have a ready solution.My requirements for this website / android app are:1) Allow me to register my mobile phone number and get WhatsApp to call/SMS back with activation code.2) Allow me to upload my phone numbers via vcard or CSV and to verify and show the numbers with WhatsApp accounts.3) Allow me to select all or individual contacts to send my message.4) If possible, allow attachment of at least 1 picture.It will not be set with any broadcast restrictions, but probably limit its maximum sending per hour.Let me know if your ready app matches this project. Thanks!** I will not send out any payment until proof of work is completed (screen capture, etc).

  • $1320 SGD May 25, 2013

    i"m looking for a ready made Whatsapp bulk messages sender.. It can be send text, and images. The system work on website.It can search for number that use whatsapp in a range and save it !! < this feature can be another script!!

  • $600 USD Mar 22, 2013

    I need a simple WhatsApp PHP Gateway so i can send texts to certain numbers (one way only, no chats, no replies) avoiding using expensive sms services. Basically i have an auotmation which needs to send out more or less 20 texts per night, I would like to switch to WhatsApp messages which are free.The project is creating a simple function that i should be calling. The end result should be something like this $result = SendWhatsAppMessage($country, $number, $message);

  • $800 USD Mar 6, 2013

    I need custom application which works WhatsApp api but with out limitations in the following way.Send 1 message to all of my contacts at once with out selecting them one by one.Contact list can be provided externally as excel , text or cvs file1) read contacts in my contact address book and load/show only those who are also using Whatsapp program. A (multi select and select all) for those contacts who are found to be using Whatsapp. A text box to enter message (and if possible to attach files). A (send button) to finally send/broadcast the message to all the selected contacts in batches of 25 to be within the broadcast limit of Whatsapp for 2000 messages per day and then automatically change the sender number and continue. The messages will make use of Whatsapp"s service. It can be a standalone program or a program that interface with Whatsapp"s mobile apk to achieve this batch sending. any platform like windows,mac or android will be OK but as long as my goal is achieved, either is fine.

  • $200 USD Dec 30, 2012

    I"d like someone to create an online web script that automatically converts a normal website for PCs into a mobile website for smartphones such as iphone/android.To help explain better, I just want a version of, where you simply enter the URL, and it"s automatically converted into a mobile site.I.e. all I should have to do is input the URL into the script and it should produce a mobile site in a couple of minutes, (complete with source code), which I can then upload to any site. The mobile version of any site should be able to incorporate a "Click-to-call" button as well, (if the site that is being converted has a phone number obviously)I need it in PHP and i would like to edit the web site after converting text colors back round and even select templets sorry about the repost i got ahead of my self on this one and sorry to everyone that send pm and i did not get bakc to you thank you for your patientsi wait for everyones responceBaySkype: bayhaj1

  • ₹12000 INR Nov 8, 2012

    - Integrate Facebook API- Java Based Website API for User Account System- SMTP Mails Integration Via PHP- My SQL Database Knowledge

  • $700 USD Sep 24, 2012

    my project delals with the mobile phone based video surviellance using j2me toolkit,it us uses foreground adaptive background subtraction algorithm

  • ₹10000 INR Apr 29, 2012

    i am working on a client website so i make a home page today .It is a type of telecom company website.

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Feb 2011 - Present (3 years)

Bitfinch Inc.

As a CTO, I manage every project from Bitfinch Inc.



University of Burdwan


Engineering, Computer Science

University of Burdwan



TechTop Participation


Me with 3 friends were participants of nationwide famous engineering competition TechTop 2011

Information Security & Ethical HAcking


I attended the Information Security and Ethical Hacking Training Programme organized by Innobuzz