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    Buzz128 has not completed any projects.
  • $50 USD In Progress

    neeed a fresh template installed on top of a oscommerce site to give the site a fresh appearance we would like a modern template installed to make the site look a bit better please M-S-N me for details on [Removed by admin]

  • $100 USD Oct 26, 2010

    Hello,I am looking for a wordpress design that will consist of a main page as shown in images attached.In the home page I would like to have:1. a slider of 3 images at the very top with possibilities of text in the slider.2. Below the main page slider, I would like to have another slider that will show at first 4 images of different posters- must also have arrow buttons on the side so that one can click and scroll to the next 4 images etc- As many post as possible to be included on that slider.I would like when one will click on a poster - the poster will extend from the main slider and have a guestlist button at the right bottom - also i would like to be able to alter that button from times to times (i might just need to post another link instead of a guestlist button- maybe I can change the name of the button to "visit website").3. When one will click on one of the posters or on the images in the slider will be forwarded to a page such as "Eventpage.jpg". But I would like to be able to post events easily on that page and attach image. TITLE of event, Address (with ability to integrate links to any information submitted), price, Person/ band Playing, Guestlist Cover, @ the door, Music (category).- I would like at the top of this page - below the main links to be an area where my the following subcategories (wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday). I am saying subcategories since those will be subcategories on each category. For example hip-hop with subcategories ((wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday)). **I will make the guest list functionality on my own.**4. I would like to have a page in the entire wordpress where I will be able to write as a full text page.5. blog.6. contact page. O every page other than the main page I would like to be able to add widgets on the right side.Please let me know how much will that cost me.I do only pay the one who can finalize the project- Full payment after you finish the entire design. Thank you!

  • $2000 USD Oct 3, 2010

    I am looking to build a FLASH web page that will flash up 3 other businesses as links to their website. The front page will flash in some words, some pictures and than it will flash in the total framework image which is links to the 3 businesses represented. One of the 3 other websites is built already. The other 2 will need to be be built. Each website will have a home page and 5 to 10 pages each. None of the pages will be too difficult. I want a CMS FOR EVERY SINGLE PAGE except the flash page. I don"t want to hear that the CMS for some page cannot be used or is not included. You will not get paid if you do not provide a full and powerful CMS. You will be responsible for everything including setting up the hosting requirements in my hosting company, I will not ever use FTP. You will do it all. You should expect lots of changes as the design goes on. I do have the logo"s I want to use, you should expect only word changes to the logo for each website. I will provide the logo files you need and I will provide a few design ideas for the flash and 2 websites. I DO NOT WANT old form technology used. I want PHP and other newer technologies used. I want the websites designed with SEO already in place. Don"t come back to me and tell me it costs more to add meta tags etc... The front flash page will have some additional links at the bottom that will lead to additional pages. You should figure another 3 pages in total for that website. So there will be a flash page, 1 website with 3 static pages and 2 more websites with 5-10 pages. There is no ecommerce required. The flash page will be something to do with a house. A cross section of a house inside on the right, outside of the house on the left. The respective businesses will be linked from the house. The house will build as it comes on to the screen and each business line will be represented as the house builds. I do not know how this will look or work yet, this is to give you an idea as I expect YOU to be creative enough to build this. If you are NOT creative, do NOT bid. Do not expect me to give you 100% of the content. I will explain in detail what the businesses do and I will provide some ideas but you WILL be expected to be creative. This is a very creative website. I could live with something like this except the plate is a house. I am open to all ideas. Do not bid on this project if you plan to just build this link because I used it as an idea. You should have your own ideas once I explain the business. You should know facebook and twitter for plugins. You do not need to be an expert on those, just that you will be including those plugins on each and every site.

  • $500 USD Oct 1, 2010

    I want my Zen cart store to function like and Obviously not exactly but I want similar product categorizing, similar browsing and organization functionality and similar information pages. I want my site to perform in a similar fashion. If all the requirements I have listed below can be improved upon by you, please let me know through PM. I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH HOWEVER, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT MY SITE HAS THE SAME BASIC FUNCTIONALITY AS THESE 2 SITES. I DON’T WANT A COPY, BUT SIMILAR. I don’t want the changes to be just cosmetic on the main page. Take note of their product pages and their pricing attributes. Take note of their artist, style, subject directories. Take note of their checkout system, their faqs. Take note of the way their content boxes are organized. Take note of how their categories and subcategories are set up and how they appear throughout different parts of the sites. Take note of their advance search functions and how their integrate ‘subcategories etc in their search filters.Here are some requirements/suggestions that will take this project into the right direction:Easy Zen cart stuff:I need Zen cart customized and a few things addedI require:-The Gift certificate fact removed or changed into a regular “faq”-I need links into the information side boxes added with corresponding pages : About us, faq, why us, Shipping, Returns, terms of Service, contact us, view examples etc.-I need product attributes set up -Categories and subcategories need to be set up-I require the site to be streamlined. All unnecessary pictures and documents need to be removed. Banners at the bottom need to be removed.-I require pay pal express to be installed-On the main index page, I require a spot on the top for a write up and images, then below, a listing of the artist subcategory with category thumbnails and then below that a listing of the styles subcategory with thumbnails (Zen cart already does this but I want the subcategories, not the categories listed)-There will be other odd things to be done but reasonable things.-Installation of a template of my choosingMore complicated stuff:1) I REQUIRE EACH PRODUCT TO BE APPLIED TO 1 CATEGORY AND 2 SUBCATEGORIESTHE CATEGORY IS THE “STYLE” AND THE SUBCATEGORIES ARE “ARTIST” AND “SUBJECT”I require a side box created called “Browse by:”. You can edit an existing box or create a new one. I don’t care.The box will have the following links: Artist, Style, and SubjectEach link will lead to a custom page.The artist page will list the artists alphabetically. (The artists are to be set up as subcategories) I require that when I add a new subcategory for ‘artist’, the link populates automatically to the alphabetical index which are text linksWhen “styles” is clicked, it leads to another page that lists the style subcategories by thumb nail with the subcategory name below the thumb nailWhen ‘subject’ is clicked, it leads to a page that lists the subjects with text link.I require all pages that are created to be fully integrated into Zen cart and function as a part of Zen cart.2)I require that the categories are not displayed near the top of the page below the banner. Instead, I would like the previous links discussed (Browse by: Artist l Style l Subject) to exist there (statically) instead.3)I require that a “view Examples” page be set up. On the page, thumbnails will be listed and when clicked will have a larger pop up image (similar to images in product descriptions)Bidding requirements: Make sure you read everything stated above. In the middle of the project, upload it to your own web server with dummy products so i can see that it is functioning the way I want. Do the same at the end of the project before i make the final payment. This is just a general idea of what i want. If you have suggestions PM me.And please take note again, I am more interested in having my site perform and have content layout like the 2 aforementioned websites. I am flexible on all of my above requirements if the end result is what i am looking for. I also require the use of EZ populate later on so do not make changes that will affect the performance or compatibility of that add-on.I require all major changes documented. All major changes in scripting and hard-editing PHP or html files must be documented. I will require a little how-to documentation on editing and adjusting all major changes. All written content will be provided by me. A list of categories and subcategories will be provided by me Questions and answers for the faq will be provided by me

  • $1500 USD Oct 1, 2010

    an iPhone Tuner sample application that listens to the input sound from the iphone"s mic (such as musical instruments), and provides real time pitch detection (e.g. providing a FFT implementation). There is no graphical requirement. The sample application should be as thin as possible with only the necessary code to perform the above described functionality.Ideally, the deliverable would include an embeddable code library, and a sample application using the library.

  • $500 USD Oct 1, 2010

    Website Design Cleaning Company

  • $400 USD Sep 29, 2010

    Hello all,I need an expert in Joomla and PHP to work on my website, the address is, the site it"s currently closed to public.Ok so here"s the deal, the website it"s fully functional, and it has a "Search Box" in one section of it named "Photo Archive", that it"s fully functional as well, the searchbox it"s actually a joomla module modified custom made for me, that it looks for picture galleries, with their respective description, and I add them thru Joomla.* I need this Search Box to be implemented onto the header of the website, and completely remove the section "Photo Archive" off the site.* The Home of the website has 2 spaces for text, but I can"t modify them thru Joomla OR I don"t know how, I need that someone makes it easy for me to modify the text on this spaces through Joomla.* The results shown after making a search thru the "search box", have a custom made navigation menu, that is partially bugged, what happens is that the NEXT and PREVIOUS gif"s are arrows, and one of them move onto the other. I need either this to be fixed, or just remove the custom nav menu and put instead regular numbers. Ex .Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 NextThanks.

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