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Expert in .net,PHP,Java,Delphi and Mobile apps

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  • $210.00 USD
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    Nov 26, 2013

    Great people to work with. Will do business again.

    Project Description:I have a project that I need completed ASAP since I am backed up with other projects on a larger scale. I have the website template configured, content on the site and some images on homepage, but I need...
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  • $631 USD Jan 2, 2014

    helloi want to hire people who can develop website exactly like hope you understand

  • $368 USD Dec 27, 2013

    Please quote to replicate the website for rally driver named Daniel Boardman. The domain name will be need full backed access to edit the logo images, news, photos.Photos and logo will be provided.Budget is open for discussion. Samples and references of work is required.

  • $347 USD Dec 26, 2013

    I have set a WordPress site from template with WooCommerce plug in. I need WordPress Expert who can make the shopping cart giving the option of using image from third party source using API. The product is custom made therefor the screens should help the buyer to go step by step allowing them enter their specs (i.e. size, quantity etc.) and price will adjust according to the selections. Customer should be able to load their own image.Please similar site:

  • $210 USD Dec 23, 2013

    This is for a web application that does the following: - Allows someone to register on the site with local account or using (facebook, twitter and so on) - User can sign into their account, go to their secure area and add and change their list of events, profile info. - Have ability to share their event list with faceboo, twitter or events selected by user to share with facebook and twitter. - Application should be written so that it is optimized for mobile devices as wellI will send requirement document with details once you are selected.

  • $526 USD Nov 27, 2013

    Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am just a simple resident of planet earth, a resident with an idea. Looking back over the course of human history, it seems we have a problem seeing eye to eye, often getting lost in disagreements concerning mediocre details. These details become so important, it impedes the solution from being discovered and executed. The time where community officials represent a wide demographic of citizen opinion is over, for we, the people, have been ignored for too long by these representatives, more often than not for covert, secret purposes.Never before in history have we been so connected with each other. Humans from across the globe can now collaborate and connect without ever meeting, just by pressing a button.I propose a new type of social network, unlike anything we have ever seen. We take the most pressing global concerns, and ask the people of the world a simple question regarding the issue; yes we should, or no, we shouldn"t. Long story short, we start with establishing the final goal that is in tune with the majority, then we work our solutions to suit that need. A simple idea, with a simple goal in mind; to empower the voice of the people.I can"t do this alone, so I call to my brothers and sisters across the globe to help me make this dream of a world united possible. There is no certain requirement for you to be eligible for participation, although we have a pressing need for website developers and advertising experts, to help us get this idea off the ground and into the minds of the people.Together, we can change this world for the better.I want a website that will poll yes or no questions, then present that data in real time back to the website, store those questions, with details of the polling demographic for all to see. Please see pictures for an idea of what I want.I am also aware of the mathematics error on the first page, this is just an outline of what i want to achieve.

  • $526 USD Nov 21, 2013

    A script to run off a standard linux server to manage a specific school inspection service, using possibly a modified open source survey script (such as Lime Surveys) or possibly based on an open source content management/learning platform structure. This will need different user permissions to allow different people to contribute to different sections, and the script will be in essence like an adapted online survey. Since the database will also need to store attached documents, some of which may be larger, the ideal solution would incorporate some kind of Dropbox linkage, allowing the local storage of the downloaded files, but this can be discussed.When a school is preparing for an inspection visit, it will need to prepare for many months beforehand in order to pull together the required documentation. It will also need to mobilize different committees to analyse the inspection criteria and respond to a set of questions. This “survey” window will be open for a set period of time. These responses, with associated documentation (attachments) will be visible by the Inspection Team. This Inspection Team scrutinizes the responses and documents in preparation for a visit. The team may comprise up to ten people, all coming from different parts of the world and therefore easy web access is perfectly suited. However, since some may suffer slow internet connectivity, an ability to integrate Dropbox or similar would be an advantage for offline viewing and speedy access.The Inspection Team spend a week or so in the school verifying the written responses with the school’s activities and personnel. The Inspection Team then write a report, based on the same set of questions/criteria. The ability to easily view the school’s responses makes writing the Inspection Team report much easier.Once the Inspection Team have completed their report, it is submitted to various Readers for checking (spelling, language and of course the outcomes).

  • $157 USD Nov 21, 2013

    I need a quick fix to a WooCommerce website with YooDrive theme. There"s something in theme blocking Suomen Verkkomaksut Gateway proceeding to proper payment site.I"m using yoodrive theme for Wordpress: is working fine otherwise but this certain payment gateway called Suomen Verkkomaksut ( is causing a little problems. When I select this payment method and send order, the plugin doesn"t forward user to the site it is supposed to. Everything works fine with default Twenty Thirteen theme as I tested it out. I also tried disabling all addons with no luck, so I"m thinking it"s a theme related issue.I need the files that has been fixed mailed, and documentation of what code was changed in the different files. I will provide you with a copy of the website using Wordpress duplicator. If you would like to look at the site first to be sure that you understand what I need please let us know and I will provide you the website link.Please do not overbid, this should be a simple project for someone with experience. I am in a hurry! If you cannot complete this project ASAP please do not bid.

  • $421 USD Nov 20, 2013

    We are looking to have a module developed for WHMCS to assist us in automating the Credit Card payment verification process. This module should have a customer UI that accepts image uploads and stores them in the database, and an administrator user interface that allows staff and administrator users to verify the image uploads and setup the customer.When a *NEW *customer signs up using Credit/Debit card as a payment method, we would like to put the customer into a "Verification" status automatically, which puts the account on hold and does not initiate an automatic setup of their ordered services. The customer should be notified via WHMCS templated e-mail that their account is on hold pending identity verification. Their account should also display a notification similar to the overdue invoice notification on their dashboard that notifies them of the verification process, and links them to the UI. If a customer does not verify his/her identity in 72 hours (value should be modifiable via module settings or within the admin UI), the customer should be notified once again via WHMCS templated e-mail to verify their account. If the customer does not verify their identity within 7 days, the module should automatically terminate the client, initiate a refund of the credit card payment via the payment gateway, and close the client account without any staff intervention. Once the customer verifies the information, the administrator/staff user should be able to approve the account, kicking off a normal product setup, and thanking the customer via WHMCS templated email.Existing customers should not be affected UNLESS they enter new credit card details. If a customer chooses to enter a new credit card, an additional WHMCS templated email should be used to notifiy the customer that they have 24 (again a value should be modifiable via module settings or within the admin UI) hours to provide us with updated verification. If verification is not provided within the predetermined time, ONLY the service(s) paid for with the new credit card should be suspended, with the customer being notified via e-mail of the suspension, the WHMCS suspension reason being set to "Verification Issues", and being given 7 further days to rectify the issue. If the customer provides information into the user UI within 7 days, the administrator or staff user should be able to approve the customer again, kicking off re-enabling of all suspended products affected by the suspension, and again thanking the customer via WHMCS templated email for verifying his/her account. This re-verification should NOT delete previous verification information, and instead provide the customer with a second place within his/her verification user interface to upload new information.This process should be as seamless as possible for the end user and our billing staff members. The user interface should provide basic templating to allow us to skin the user interface within WHMCS, as well as providing space for us to give the customer any information prior to providing the user with an area to upload data for verification. The Admin interface"s main interface should be a list of ALL customers who paid with a debit/credit card, the customers name, amount paid, total services, date signed up, and verification status (either true/false for verified or the customer"s actual WHMCS status) along with a link to a secondary interface that provides the customer"s verification status. Staff/Administrator users should be able to mass-update users in this main interface with specific one-time actions like changing their customer status by selecting multiple checkboxes next to each customer row. The secondary interface should contain all customer/user information from WHMCS such as name, etc. as well as services ordered, service status, and options to change service status. It should also contain a place for the administrator/staff member to review customer uploaded information.

  • $10 USD/hr Nov 18, 2013

    Our current website needs some modification.We run a wordpress theme form Obox Desgin with woo commerceIn the future we need modification and maintenance for 6 more websites.Ideally you SEO skills as well. This will be the next project after completing the modifications.

  • $315 USD Nov 11, 2013

    We have doc and pdf files that we want to convert into online scripts that uses can buy credits and generate reports online using the pdf or doc file as a template. Uses must be able to access the website via mobile device as well. I will want to be able to have user pay for credits to use the reporting tool to generate pdf reports.

  • $157 USD Nov 11, 2013

    Create a Responsive Site for our current website so that it"s viewable & has the same look on all devices smartphones, tablets, desktops etc...Here"s an example of a responsive site (responsive)

  • $105 USD Nov 6, 2013

    Write a script to fill in numbers 0-99999 as Plate Number for Private Plates from A-Z in the form.And get a database of all fine information.

  • $526 USD Oct 24, 2013

    Hi,I need build a web page similar to the example.Example: can use templates like this: am looking forward to hearing from you.Thanks and best regards.

  • £210 GBP Oct 22, 2013

    I am looking to upgrade my job portal website ( to a more robust design, functions and unique look. The site needs to look unique like the old bluearrow 1) the functions will be more advanced than this.The websites will have more pages like 2) will have most functions of Zeejobsite PHP ScriptZeeJobsite features and functionality.Site Front End : Zeejobsite user End DemoJobseekers : : sabrinaPasswords : testingEmployers : : ZeewaysPassword : testingAdministration : Administration : Zeejobsite Admin Area DemoUsername : demoPassword : demoI need the job to be unique, standard and well designed.

  • $1052 USD Oct 21, 2013

    Create a custom online store, based on magento community latest addition. with customized features and configurable products as described in detailed on the attached excell file with all it"s work sheets. "DecorativeBeams scope of work final.

  • $2105 USD Sep 5, 2013

    I need a custom mobile app made (quickly)I need someone who is very experienced in coding for iOS to create a feature rich, nice looking, mobile app.Description of app here: (keep basic until NDA signed)This job needs to be done quicklyRequirementsSomeone who can not only program but can also do the UI design.At least 300 hours on OdeskFive star ratingSomeone who takes pride in their work and makes polished looking products.Here"s what you need to do next:Please reply with examples of your previous work, including any user interface or design examples. If I like your previous work, I will reply and give you more details.***IMPORTANT*** when you reply start by typing the code word: cycloneThis way I know you took the time to read the complete description instead of just replying to all the submissions like many do!Thanks,T.j.

  • [Sealed] Sep 4, 2013

    ObjectiveThe ABC Mobile application (or mobile app) is expected to improve the customer’s ordering experience by simplifying and improving convenience in the remote menu ordering and payment process. The mobile app will sync with the company’s central customer contact and relationship management system as well as its delivery service so as to ensure a flawless service delivery process/system outside of the company’s restaurants.Features on the app•Shopping cart •Should have our complete menu on it and prices•Standard pictures and good graphic design of company details and logo•List of all our locations, addresses, contact numbers and email•Allow payment •The app should allow customers register before they can have full access to the application•The app should be able to keep history of a customer’s favorite store, order and payment historyDownloading the appIn order to gain access to the app, the customer will have to download the app (free-of-charge) from his mobile equipment vendor retail store such as the App store (for Apple devices), Blackberry world (for Blackberry devices), Samsung app or play store (for Samsung devices) etc.When a customer downloads the app and installs it on his device, he should be prompted to register his details providing the following –1.Name in full2.Phone number3.State (drop down showing all the state)4.City (drop down showing all cities in the state selected above – for states and cities in which there is a ABC restaurant only)5.Email address6.Alternate phone numberExpected Features on apps•Home page (general and marketing communication)•Menu page (menu should grouped along menu categories i.e. pastries, sandwiches and burgers, meals, combos, drinks)•The price of each menu item should also be displayed next to each item•Shopping cart•Online payment medium•Customer profile including individual customer ordering and payment historyThe Process1.Customer clicks on the app (usually sitting on the home screen of his mobile device). Through the app customers should be able to place an order and pay for his meal anytime and from anywhere within a ABC service area and have said meal delivered to him wherever he wants2.Customer enters his log-in details and is immediately signed into his pre-set favorite store (restaurant location). Customer will be able to set/change favorite store in case he is in a different location at the time of this particular order.3.Customers can also use the app to locate the nearest or closest ABC restaurant around them and also get important information such as –•Opening time•Email address•Phone numbers•Menu items available4.Once signed in, customer can browse menu and add menu items to their carts. The cart should total the menu in it and display that to the customer5.Customer can then make payment through the app. He would however have an option to pay on delivery. App should accept payment from all bank cards6.The app should be able to allow our customers connect to our face book account, twitter allowing them to post details of their order to friends and relations as a way to communicate what they had for breakfast, lunch or dinner, that they ordered same from ABC and encourage their family/friends to do same too. This would encourage social interaction amongst contacts and serve as marketing for the restaurant7.Additionally, the app should store order history, favorites and payment details (if medium is secure enough for same and/or if the customer has opted to allow storage of these details) so that customers can place order and pay in just one click.The app should also store receipts for future reference for the customer.8.The app should allow for live chart with our representative during set business hours Please check attached file for full details

  • $526 USD Sep 4, 2013

    I would like an app that allows users to post the location of some event along with a description. Other people that subscribe to that interest (whatever the event is) will get notified.

  • $631 USD Sep 3, 2013

    I have had some struggles previously with freelancers and 6 months down the track my business has occurred multiple setbacks due to on going problems with my previous freelancers. I have wasted thousands of dollars and have been disappointed on multiple occasions.I have a website which is active however has no content on the site due to the previous developer abandoning the project. I am looking for the website to be refurbished + features added also a iPhone app designed and developed.Purpose of the iPhone app is to be a booking service for my production company. I am looking at an innovative design with nice clean graphicsPlease PM me for more information

  • $1052 USD Aug 27, 2013

    This 29 page App will allow multiple online users to be on at once. It will require a Member System, Custom Credits (earning) system, take payments, custom interactive pages, database, referral system, contact page.More details to follow...

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Business Development Executive

Nov 2012 - Present (1 year)

OTS Solutions

I am a business development executive working at OTS Solutions. My profile is account management and customer handling,bridging between client requirements and technical team understanding.



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Certified in quality management system ISO levels and other quality management processes.