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  • $90.00 USD
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    khalid231 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 22, 2012

    Never trust himThe application that sent to me just a picture and the search box just does not work, the APP : not download anything FROM youtube is not download any video inside the device,you stole from me $90, you should ashamed of yourself

    Project Description:I want the BlackBerry app works this way : You can download videos from YouTube and after that you can watch it through the app Offline Also you can download jest the audio from YouTube format mp3 after...
  • $0.00 USD
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    aceyg [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 4, 2008

    DeveloperScot (the worker) has multiple accounts on the site and they are no longer allowed to continue. All funds in escrow were returned to AceyG (the employer).

    Project Description:Screen Shots of A website I’m looking for a simple program that I type in a URL and it takes screen shots of the first few pages of a website. I have attached a SAMPLE output (it doesn’t have to be exactly like that)...
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  • $600 USD In Progress

    Just need a quote on creating the following software: have bought it from them but the website seems to be inactive and the order/contact form is broken.I had a cheap rendition, but it won"t stay in the system tray once installed, so need somthing more robust and functional that will work once installed on users computer.Thank you

  • $500 USD In Progress

    Small windows application needed. Please send me a PMB for detailed information. I will not accept bids from anyone that has not sent me a message via PMB!

  • $300 USD In Progress

    As per previous messages

  • $500 USD Mar 2, 2013

    We are looking for somebody to develop an application for our cafe which allows the following function. 1. Provide nutritional value of items in the menu 2. Online ordering, processing orders through prepaid cards 3. Calorie counter 4. Interactive games 5. Loyalty points

  • $175 USD Mar 2, 2013

    We need a blackberry app created to work on blackberry phones and on blackberry playbook.Core essentials1. a loading page 2. a page which invites the customer to login will connect to the client server 3. enable storage of contacts in the application4. where and if possible not compulsory connect with contact book on to the full website for the app for technical issuesEnable link to the social links for the app company twitter, facebook, and enable interraction with blackberry messenger to show app use on status.(all these will be on one page on the screen like a grid)6. full app working, debugged and tested and submission developer account access will be provided.*All graphics will be provided*Must work with all blackberries on OS7+ so =UI for touch screen bold and torch AND =non touch screen bold and curveAND=BB 10 will be provided.Will not reply to any bids that do not specify 1. what information you need to complete job2. time needed to get test readythanks

  • $450 USD Feb 15, 2013

    Hello All,Req. Summary: We are in need of a seasoned Mobile applications technician / programmer:We need a very simple application, with our logo on it, for SIP Voip Calls from Android, Iphone or Blackberry.We have a SIP server, we need this application to connect to our server (user will just see the fields username, password). User doesnt need to write the server ip address or port or protocol, just username and password.Then, he can see his actual balance, and dial to make any call with its mobile device.Application MUST use the G729 code. This is a mandatory requirement.Look forward to your bids.

  • $3250 USD Dec 24, 2012

    Designing applications for Public Health Nurse in the hospital. Such as taking a patient history. Diagnosis Save prescription as well as over the IPAD or tablet to interview patients, including forwarding information to the campus and processing.

  • $1650 USD Dec 7, 2012

    what we have.In order to guarantee the security of the data for every website and it users, we use an implementation of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) version of HTTPS which provides communications security for every website using a proxy, making the information travelling the web encrypted without having to install a certificated in the website or serve. Just using the https proxy.We provide a safe internet connection to any server. Connections are seen in the address bar as https:// Not only make the user to trust that is safe to transfer information through this proxy, it also allow sites to provide the https:// URLS in order to fulfil some websites requirements.We need to deveolp an app for mobile device wich should connect to Medius servers and run in the back at all times, Internet browsers should connect to the internet through the app, Backend panel to track users and accounts info and navegates securely trough mediusproject servers.

  • $450 USD Oct 26, 2012

    Convert an app (in apple and Android) format to Blackberry - with all functionalities working efficiently and in a timely fashion.

  • $550 USD Oct 22, 2012

    branded in my name on them. The SIP voip mobile applications I need are as follows i. I-Phone/i-Pod/i-Pad, (as one app) ii. BlackBerry All blackberry phones iii. Android iv. Symbian, v. Windows Mobile I will require the mobile application to work in voip blocked countries. example UAE this means the mobile dialer or APP msut have a sort of tunnel or other way to go pass ISP blockage. Since I already have my sip server All I need is the mobile apps made to work with my SIP ip address and login details The dialers must not be limited to any number of users ie it mst be unlimited Note that the app must work with low bandwidth and will require a proxy for codec transcoading I will be glad to have an example from you so that I am sure that yo know exactly what I am talking about If we are sure you can handle it then we will start with one mobile application eg Blackberry and Ipad first of all. I will need cost for the items above one by one as I will like to pay for one first so that I test it. Please note that I do not ant unstable apps and apss must work with very small bandwidth and poor internet service as I am using it in Africa where internet services are still very poor so have that in mind. so I will need to know what codecs yo are putting note that codecs requiring above 16kbps will not work becase of the poor internet service in my region AFTER THE ABOVE I WILL LIKE YO TO DO THE NEXT BELOW BT THIS IS FOR LATER. ........................................................... 2. (a) This is a second job do not worry about this even if yo cannot handle it I just want you to keep it in view so just keep in view I am just mentioning it here but It will not be done in this first project. So Apart from the above job/project in (1) above I will require you to make after the above project a web softphone that is a softphone that can work with my sip server but via any web browser like explorer, Mozilla fire fox etc it will be usable in all browsers in windows, andriod and mac platforms 2. (b) Pinless Calling card dialer for I-phone and Andriod

  • $195 USD Oct 3, 2012

    Hi,I need a GUI to be implemented in Netbeans 7.2 IDE. This must implement a real time battery ( like in a cell phone).When ever the battery is about to drain, a popup message needs to be shown.

  • $350 USD Sep 27, 2012

    All graphical works will be provided including the icon, background image, button image etc.Blackberry Project requirements:1. Shoutcast radio stream on single radio station, with play & stop button, volume slider. Stream link will be provided.2. Equalizer display for graphical effects.3. Display song and artist title (metadata and data parsing).4. Mobile Ads implementation5. Successfully upload and host with your developer account.

  • [Sealed] Aug 16, 2012

    In its general application to be installed on the phone by way of a download or a data cable, then there are the stages of permissions that must be passedI want to find programmers who can make phone tapping applications, install the followingTarget will receive an push sms or mms, when the target to open or read messages, secret phone tapping applications downloaded without known by the targetIn essence the application can be installed on the target phone from a distance without touching the target phoneCan work on the Symbian 9.1/9.2/9.3/9.4/Anna/Belle/Android/BlackberryMandatory feature of tapping phonesA. Recording incoming / outgoing Calls Using memory light AMR 3gp SMS, MMS2. GPS, Network Info, Camera shots silently3. Spy call4. Uploading contacts list5. Remote control setting by SMS commands6. Automatic transfer of all captured events to your online account7. Hidden mode: there will not be shown up in the installed apps folder or tasks list8. Autostart after rebooting phone9. Protection from uninstallingAdmin features such as in generalIf you do not understand please do not make an offerI just want to pay for this project by freelancer

  • $125 USD Aug 3, 2012

    Hello,the program i need written will be created for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. I do not need you guys to publish the applications to their markets, i just need an beginning start point on which i will later continue to expand on. This is a fairly simple application and it should not take more than 10 hours. Please look at the attached file for further details on the program. Only additional thing i need is a settings tab where you can add in a pre-set email to send all the voice recordings to after confirmation. Will give more specific detail after winning bid. It is fairly simple. Looking forward to working with you, Thank you! - Dennis

  • $3250 USD Jun 20, 2012

    Android app I have detailed everything below. The video has to work at the same time as the phone. This app will send video to a flash media server. The video has to be transmitting while a phone call is being made.Tekvision appSplash screen:This will basically be a legal page which may be different for each of my customers. This will need an input area in the settings menu. The user must accept the terms of use before proceeding to the app every time the app is open.Video only no audio. Audio will be performed over the phone functions.Camera screen:� this will be the page that will appear after the splash screen and is the main page where all other pages can be accessed.� 1: toggle switch for camera light ( top right)2: frames per second toggle button 5,10,15,20 (right below the light button)3: Image size each for sending video, separate buttons (160x120) � (320x240) (640x480) (1024x768)(Right below the frames per second button)4: display the web address of the video part 2 on settings page (top center)6: settings button ( enter the settings menu) (right below the image size buttons)7: phone display to dial out (as you hit this button the phone dialing page appears and let"s you dial out) ( located right below the settings button)8: go live button (when this button is hit the app automatically connects to the RTMP server in the settings page and broadcast the video live) ( located right below the phone button)9: 3G signal strength indicator top left10: wifi signal strength indicator just to the right of the 3G indicator� 11: if wifi is not connected then it needs to be X out same for the 3G so my customers know if they are on wifi or 3G. � � Settings page:1: Input for RTMP server in the following format � RTMP:// input for location of my web address where the video can be seen. This will be the same address that will be overlaid on the camera view at the top middle.� 3: input for user name of the RTMP server4: input for the password for the RTMP server5: the settings page will have to be password protected so my customers can"t change those settings. Also need an input to change this password in the settings menu6: input area for the legal notice mentioned in the splash screen section.� The publishing portion of the app needs to operate in the RTMPT and RTMP format. RTMPT is the http tunneling version of the the RTMP protocol which will allow me to tunnel through most firewalls. The video needs to be encoded in H264 with no audio.� When in the phone screen after a call has been dialed the app will automatically return to the main screen which is the camera view and show the number being called right below the web address of the video. This will also need to indicate if connected or disconnected from call. � After the call has been made and the app returns to the camera view I need to have a button to end the call.I would like to have a call log that would be pulled up in the camera view where someone could see a call history of the phone.This app is not intended to be for sale at any app store for now. I just need it for a specific endeavor my company is taking. All the phones that will have this app I will own.� Sent from my iPadBegin forwarded message:From: Anthony Tusing Date: June 17, 2012 10:28:30 PM CDTTo:

  • $450 USD Jun 10, 2012

    Hi,i want a mobile application for LIC. in this application i want to calculate premium according to customer age, term and plan. i also want to connect to LIC portal to check the status of policies. I want a sms contact feature for all my customers and development officers.thanks

  • $350 USD Jun 7, 2012

    This is a very simple one page app to help employee to retrive informations from our Catalog online Server from a mobile device (android, iphone, blackberry). I need the ability to add advertising to the app.

  • $500 USD Apr 12, 2012

    HI CodelabWe would like you to create the blackberry timeline version of our iphone app. We require 4 duplicate timeline apps see our iphone ones below:Fabulous timeline cover app timline cover app facebook timeline Facebook timeline will provide the hosting, ui graphics and content.We need the apps compatible for all blackberry handsets and os.our budget is only $500 for this project. However if you do a good job we have lots of other projects with higher budgets for both Ios, Andorid and Blackberry. We are looking to pick the developer tomorrow, so please come back to me if you want the job and i will send you a hire me with milestones.

  • $650 USD Mar 4, 2012

    To take an existing application we already have and modify. Our application integrates with the Galaxy Tab and Samsung Phone camera feature. We would like for you to take our source code and modify the picture as a PDF image and produce another copy that will produce a clearer TIFF image. Currently we have both JPG and TIFF, however either they are too big in size or not clear enough. Task 1: Take existing code and deliver the picture in a PDF. The current project is setup to format the name of the picture based on data entry in the ap itself. The current extension is TIFF and in Color. We would like one version that once the picture is taken, the image is delivered as it does now but in a PDF extension. It must be clear with the smallest file size as possible without distortion. We should be able to open the image in a PDF reader and have it very clear and in black and white. No need for color.Task 2: Take existing code (2nd Copy) and try to clear up existing TIFF image. Current TIFF image received is not clear enough. TIFF must be in standard C3/C4 compression. Image must be able to be open in Windows Viewer, be clear, printable and in black and white.very clear and in black and white. No need for color.This will be two different applications, yet taking the existing source code and using to build these two applications. Once both are done, we will evaluate which application works best for us. If both are good, we will want to have a default option on the application to take the picture as a PDF or TIFF and must store this default option until the user decides to change later.

  • $1150 USD Feb 8, 2012

    Development of a mobile app that streams music, this app should be created for the Nokia, Blackberry and Iphone/Ipad platforms

  • $1250 USD Jan 23, 2012

    I need a mobile application the will get videos from my server and send notification each time a new video is upload.The app should be for Android, iphone, ipad, blackberry and j2me jar platforms

  • $400 USD Jan 13, 2012

    I currently have a developer that has created a site to find out information about an area. They are currently having trouble turning this into a mobile application/website. I need a developer or team that can take this website and turn it into a mobile brochure rack. The concept is: a visitor drives into a town they don"t know anything about, they then open "" and with a few pushes know everything about what is available in the area from lodging to restaurants, to activities to services to the closest ems services, etc. The visitor can also order items from restaurants (view to get an idea of this function), request activity and lodging bookings. The visitor does not put any payment information in on the site however, rather the vendor receives an sms/email message with the visitors desires and calls them to confirm and receive payment. Currently the website is located at: Please view and assess before placing a bid. I am able to also put you in contact with the current developer so you can organize with them what needs to be done. Eventually I will move the project to my server for permanent hosting.

  • $2400 USD Jan 4, 2012

    The designer would need to create a mobile app for the various carriers as well as be able to create a system to store user information securely. The budget is small, but can be increased slightly. I need a mobile application that aggregates feed information from several social networks" APIs and then displays it in a user friendly format. There will be two formats to view that feed. An image of how that should look will be provided. This information will be organized under various "special followings". The application may also need a algorithm to display the most relevant information first. The website would need a user registration/login section. The users’ name, birth date, zip code, occupation would be accepted. The user would be able to find other people on the site that they know, by logging in through their social network accounts and using their email contacts. Users may link their social networks to the mobile app. There would be followers and following. People would be able to use a username and upload a photo of themselves. There would need to also be a search feature, so that people can find new following and special following. Each person will have their own profile that shows their username, their followers, their following, and their special following. The special following is a account that I as the administrator would create and input information. The users would be able to follow them as well. Eventually the special following accounts will be controlled by individuals, so there needs to be a way to give them access. Also a part of the registration will also have to allow users to state if they are a special users or regular user. This function should be built in but not visible. The users should also be able to repost information on the social networks that they link to the site. The page should be mainly white, but contain blue, black, white, and gray text. The homepage should show pictures of the special following. These pictures should be slightly rectangular and evenly spaced from each other. The homepage also has the option for a text view. This would show pictures and text beside it. The option to change views is at the top. There will also be various options at the bottom of the homepage. The background would be white. When the user clicks onto an image, it would take them to the special account page. Under this page the user would see the feed information. Also the user would be able to upload text and pictures to the feed. Also users should be able to @ friends. As the user looks at the feed, they should have a button to filter the information. The filter allows them to either see All feed info or feed info that their friends upload. There should also be an option to create events. Also there needs to be a secure method to collect payments from special users and GPS location would be needed for users.

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